Friday, September 14, 2007

Photo-Realism, The Embroidery of Carol Shinn

"Patio Door", 2007
21.75" h x 15.75"w

Carol Shinn creates stunningly realistic textile art that evokes in the viewer not only a sense of comfort, but also of deja vu; a sense that she has somehow captured a shared memory. There is an incredible tension and mystery in her work - each piece "reading" as if it is a single page in a book and it is up to us (the viewer) to determine what is going on at this specific time and place, to wonder about what happened on the previous page, and to predict what we would see if only we could turn the page.

An article for Embroidery by Jessica Hemmings about Carol's work can be read:

To learn more about Carol Shinn's art, visit her website:
and the galleries representing her:


Kyra said...

Amazing work!

PainterP said...

That is a lovely Carol Shinn piece. I thought you might be interested in this other article about her

at this link.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...


Thank you for sharing the link. I absolutely love Carol Shinn's work.