Saturday, January 5, 2008


Following are resources that will provide you with information about anything you ever wanted to know about textiles, and then some...

Alphabetical Trademark & Brand Name Index

Dictionary of Fabric Terms - Whaleys-Bradford – glossary of fabric terminology

Fabric-Isms - sayings, phrases, movies, song titles and quotations containing fabric, apparel or textile terms

Fabric Identification –

Fabric Identification Table Using the Burn Test – extensive information including characteristics by fiber type, reaction to flame, beading, after-flame, ash, odor, and smoke/fumes

Fabric Information and Facts – detailed information about every fabric imaginable

Fabric Marketplace – This site provides in-depth information about natural and man-made fabrics including characteristics, quality, uses, weaves, finishes, textures, and designs. It has a glossary, buyer’s guide, fabric comparison chart, along with definitions and information about identification, care, storage and the manufacturing process for various fabrics.

Fiber Characteristics

Fiber History

Glossary of Fabric Performance Terms

Identifying Fabrics - Burning Test – How to identify fabrics based on how they burn

Performance Term Glossary

Stain Guide for Washable Fabrics

Stain Guide - Washable Fabrics

Stain Guide - Carpets

Stain Guide - Upholstery

Stain Removal Guide

Textile Dictionary

Textile Dictionary

Textile Dictionary


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