Saturday, February 16, 2008

Through the Surface - Collaborating Textile Artists from Britain and Japan

THROUGH THE SURFACE is a project in which young textile artists from Britain and Japan travelled to their partner country to work with established artists for an exchange of ideas and techniques over a period of 10 to 12 weeks. Seven partnerships were established.

After the exchange, the artists returned to their own countries and each created new work - both collaboratively and individually with contact being maintained via the internet.

From the website:
"THROUGH THE SURFACE is a multi-layered title and
in this way reflects the many levels of this project.
'Surface' can mean texture, the outer layer, a
membrane. Through the surface can mean 'something
emerging' or ‘beyond the immediately visible'. The
emerging relationships within THROUGH THE SURFACE
are created through collaborative involvement with the
surface texture and hidden structure of textiles."
Work that resulted from the collaborations was exhibited throughout Britain and Japan and the exhibition catalogue can still be ordered. Participants kept journals throughout the project. Access to their journals is available online as well as that of the Director which provides detailed information about the project.
Note: links to the journals are located at the bottom of the page

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