Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Going to be Filmed, Recorded or Televised - What do I do Now?

It's finally happened - your work is being recognized and you're going to be filmed, recorded, televised, or have been asked to make a presentation. What on earth do you do now? How can you be prepared so you won't look and/or sound like an idiot?

Rose Rushbrooke has shared a number of wonderful tips on her website to help us successfully cope with these scenarios as well as links to other resources:

How to get ready for filming an interview at your home or studio - 9 Tips to Prepare for a Film Crew in Your Home - Rose Rushbrooke

Checklist for Speaking in Public - or How to Give the Butterflies the Heave Ho - Rose Rushbrooke

Public Speaking: Tips for Television, Videotape and Videoconferencing - Tom Antion

Make the Most of Your Public Appearances - Alan Bamberger
To learn about Rose Rushbrooke and her work, please visit her website:

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