Thursday, August 14, 2008

Self-Portraiture - Part II

Following is an additional list of resources for creating a self-portrait
To read the first post on Self-Portraits:

Just for Fun: Create Your Self-Portrait Online - This is a feature by PBS - you're provided with the tools to create your own self-portrait, from face shape to facial features to hairstyle to clothing - you can play with color - if you've clicked on something and change your mind, just click the red circle with the slash line to remove it - you can also click on various features you've placed (such as the nose) and drag them to rearrange - loads of fun.

Creating a Realistic Self-Portrait -Tissone

Lesson plans - created primarily for middle to high school students, the following concepts and exercises for creating self-portraits are easily adaptable for use by artists

.....Symbolic self-portrait -
.....Collage self- portrait -
.....Three-Dimensional -

Create a Self-Portrait – this tutorial is using PVA glue, acrylic paint and tissue paper or paper towels – but who says you can’t do this using fabric or other textiles???

Jacob Lawrence Self Portrait - The Whitney Museum displays Jacob Lawrence's self-portrait and gives information about different aspects of it - a "mouse over" feature is included

Self-Portrait Silhouettes - Amy Snyder

Why Artists Should Paint Self-Portraits - Marion Boddy-Evans

Self-Portrait - Designed as a series of lessons on self-portraits for 1st & 2nd grade students, its a great introduction for anyone wanting to create a self-portrait

Identity Portraits - Theresa Parker - this lesson plan for 4th/5th graders addresses "How can an artist show aspects of identity besides physical appearance in a work of art?"

How to Make a Self-Portrait

Cut Paper Self Portraits - Marvin Bartel - [ idea - substitute fabric for the paper ]

How to Draw a Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait Stencil - Debra Cooper

Fried Kahlo Self-Portrait - 2D Collage - Exploring and Revealing Identity Through Visual Art


Michele David[gallery]=ID&ID%5Bgallery%5D=53

.....NOTE: Michele also teaches a workshop: "Expressive Self Portrait in Fabric"

Pam Rubert

Patricia Dunn - tapestry

Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer - has created a series of abstract self-portraits

Ren's Self-Portrait - created for a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Linda MacDonald

Lucie Martin - hand woven tapestry - hold mouse over first image in upper left-hand corner

Kansas Art Quilters: Upon Reflection - an exhibition of self-portraits by their membership

Sandra Donabed

Kjersti Timenes - tapestry

Julie Fischer - batik

Deb Richardson

June Underwood

Deb Erikson - tapestry

QuiltArt: Finding Time/Finding Ourselves - Self-portraits by QuiltArt List members

Serena Fenton

Arlee Baar

Mona Caron

Judy Martin

Rebekka Seigel

Susan Sorrell

Sheila Riess

Carol Westfall - Digital print on polyester georgette and cotton

Creative Self-Portrait Challenge - Quilting Arts Magazine entries

The Art of Reflection: Women Artists' Self-Portraiture in the Twentieth Century - Marsha Meskimmon - This is " the first sustained inquiry into the appropriation of self-portraiture by women painters, photographers, scultptors, and performance artists." To preview the book:

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