Saturday, March 21, 2009

Textile Sculpture - Part 3: Nick Cave, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Lisa Lichtenfels

Our exploration of textile sculpture continues with the art of three more exceptional artists

Nick Cave Art in Motion – Nick Cave is chair of Fashion Design at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. His art has been described as an exploration of “…when textiles meet modern dance…” His creations are transformative in that any indication of the age, gender or ethnicity of the wearer is stripped away, thereby protecting the wearer from prejudice based on any of those characteristics.” Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are fabulous creations made of thrift store finds, twigs, plastic bags, discarded thcotchkes, and just about anything else that strikes his fancy…Often, Cave’s Soundsuits are assembled by a multigenerational, multicultural group of volunteers in his Chicago neighborhood.”
Xenobia Bailey has written an extensive article about Nick Cave and has many pictures of his work on her blog

United States Artists (2006 Toby Devan Lewis Fellow)

a) Nick Cave by Greg Cook
b) Nick Cave by Sasha Lee – Note: scroll down ¼ of page past a lot of blank space

YouTube Videos:
a) Nick Cave Sound Suits – 5 ½ minutes
b) Nick Cave – Art in Motion – 1 minute 49 seconds

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson – “Aminah's artistic vocabulary consists of a combination of the skills she learned in art school and those passed down to her by her family. Her father taught her to make hogmawg, her word for a sculptural material used in both two- and three-dimensional work.

The button and needle work she learned from her mother are evident in her rag paintings and RagGonNons, her word for complex works of art that can come in many forms but often include buttons, men's neckties, and other found objects.”
Xenobia Bailey has written an extensive article about Aminah Robinson and her
work on her blog. Many pictures are included:

Lisa Lichtenfels – Figurative Sculpture-Realism in Fabric – Lisa “…creates startlingly realistic sculptures with a wide variety of subject matter, including fantasy, myth, humor, and portraiture. The individual figures range from less than 5 inches to life-sized figures of over 5 feet tall. She also does large environmental installations with many characters.”
The Art of Lisa Lichtenfels – many images including Lisa’s explanations of the

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