Friday, March 5, 2010

Photographer Claiming Copyright - How to Prevent

Quilts, Photographs and Galleries - Paul Sugden - This article was written for The Australian Forum for Textile Arts. In it, Sugden discusses an issue that arose with a photographer who was hired by a gallery to take photos of an exhibit. The photographer susequently published the photos of the quilter's artwork on his own website, claiming he had copyright of the photos.

Sugden provides a clause that artists should require to be inserted in any contract that a gallery or other venue has with a photographer. NOTE: artists could also amend it for insertion in the general publicity permission statement they sign with venues for exhibitions.


Judith Stadler said...

This is very interesting. It was always my understanding that any work (design, art, photography) you do for a company, etc. is the property of the employer. But I will keep the article and use it in future just to be safe.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Hi Judith,

I think this is an area that can be very muddy and having it clearly defined is always best. You know what they say about assumptions (smile).

I have personally been in a position (back in the "olden" days of slides) where where I actually had to get a release form from the photographer before I could get copies of the slides made of my own work - he had a copyright on the slide frame. I must note, though that he had photographed the work for free.

Nonetheless, I learned from that experience and have never allowed it to happen again. Had not thought about exhibit publicity photos however.