Friday, January 14, 2011

The Intergalactic Quilts of Jimmy McBride

Jimmy McBride is fascinated by astronomy and focuses his artwork
on various aspects of it. He states that his work is machine quilted
with hand embroidery, but I think he means that it is machine pieced,
 hand quilted and hand embroidered.

M64 - Jimmy McBride

Whether the focus is on galaxies, planets, nebulae, wormholes, etc., Jimmy likes to incorporate as many elements as possible into the work.

Phobos V2 - Jimmy McBride

Detail: Phobos V2 - Jimmy McBride

Jimmy's website:

Blog - this contains a lot of information not only about how his work is conceptualized, but he also shares some of the mechanics of how the patterns are drafted and put together.

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