Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Art and Politics

In this 24-minute PBS vidcast, Anna Deavere Smith discusses the role of artists in a world wracked by war - may take a couple of minutes to load. It also can be listened to as a MP3 file.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creativity: Touching the Divine

This is a 60-minute taped program that – “...brings together the artists and non-artists who have experienced the joyful tandem of spirituality and creativity. Viewers are inspired to rethink the possibility for creativity in their own lives, regardless of their circumstances or abilities.”


  • Register on the site (upper right hand corner of the screen) – it is free and does not spawn SPAM

  • On homepage, type “creativity” (without the quote marks) in the Search box in upper left-hand corner of the page

  • Make sure that the Video Only box is checked

  • Click Go

  • Creativity: Touching the Divine will be the first of two items listed

  • Click Play

Discussion Guide – Read online or print: