Saturday, February 12, 2011

1,200 Stitches Per Square Inch - The Art of Ray Materson

Ray Materson's work is astounding, and the incredible detail packed into his 2.5" x 3" masterworks is remarkable. While in prison at the Connecticut Pennitentiary, he one day traded cigarettes for a pair of socks, unthreaded them and thus his transformation from a cocaine addicted robber to artist began. His subject matter ranges from gut-wrenching scenes of drug use to inspiring images of baseball players and the American skyline.

 Mariano Rivera - Ray Materson

 NYC Skyline from Liberty Island - Ray Materson

Till Death Do Us - Ray Materson

Website - Be sure to click on the links for Recent Work and Past Work

Video - 3-minutes - Ex-Con on Pins and Needles

Video - 3- minutes - Eye to Eye: Prison Embroiderer

American Primative Gallery Materson&hasBiography=1

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Incredible Anatomical Dress Art

"Artificial Beauty" is the name of a show held at Shih Chien University in China during the Fall of 2010. The designs included:

Artificial Beauty Exhibit - Anatomical Ball Gown - Back View

Artificial Beauty Exhibit - Anatomy Dress

More Photos (including front view of Ball Gown)