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Potpourri of Information About: Selling/Talking About Your Art

Professional Identity

Your Artistic Voice or Style

Dealing With Procrastination

Effective Artist Habits

Branding for Artists

Tax Preparation and Planning for Visual Artists

Known Scammer Names Used in Art Scams

Artists Need to be Wary

Essential Services for Aging Artists

Studio Protector: The Artist's Guide to Emergencies

Mira's List - Mira's List is Mira Bartok's blog and is devoted to providing artists with "...up-to-date information, resources and deadlines for grants, fellowships and international residencies. Money, time and a place to create."

Fundraising for the Arts

Supporting Individual Artists

Artist Residencies - Part II

Business Insurance for Studio Artists

Artist Residencies - Part III

Visual Artist Mentor/Mentee Programs

Estate and Legacy Planning for Artists

Public Art Handbooks/Guides

Artist Residencies - Part IV

Art Biz Connection - This is a free program designed by Alyson B. Stanfield (an art business coach) to help artists develop and complete art marketing plans.

Art in Architecture and Art in Embassies Programs

Artist Residencies

Artist as Teacher: A Guide for Artists Working in Schools

Artists in the Workforce 1990 - 2005 - This publication by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is a look at the demographic and employment patterns of artists nationwide in the 21st century

Artists Rights Society

Commisions - Private and Public Art

Emergency Assistance for Artists

Fundraising Advice for Individuals

Glossary of Grants Lingo

Getting Discouraged – Part 1 of 4 - Nancy Doyle

Getting Discouraged – Part 2 of 4 - Nancy Doyle

Getting Discouraged – Part 3 of 4 - Nancy Doyle

Getting Discouraged – Part 4 of 4 - Nancy Doyle

Grant/Fellowship Application Review Process

Guide to Exhibition Applications

A Visual Artist's Guide to Estate Planning - This free 183 page document (+17 additional appendices) is the outcome of a joint conference ("On the Needs of Visual Artists: A Roundtable 2001") by the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation and the Julia Rothschild Foundation
Health and Safety in the Arts: Textiles and Other Arts

How NOT to Display Your Artwork on the Web

How to Preserve Newspaper/Magazine Clippings

I'm Going to be Filmed, Recorded or Televised - What Do I Do Now?

Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structure for U S Artists - This is a 107-page free e-book from the Culture, Creativity, and Communities (CCC) Program of the Urban Institute.

Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts: The Role of Intellectual Property - A Practical Guide - This is a 150 page free e-book

Message from Exhibition Organizers to Artists

More About Copyright: Art and Law

More on Health and Safety in the Arts

"On Burning Bridges" - an artist's unprofessional response to a rejection letter the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) received back from an applicant to the Artists’ Fellowship Program is discussed.

Professional Guidelines for Artists

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - YOUR NAME

Putting Rejection in Perspective


Regional Arts Councils

State Arts Councils

So What about Copyright? What Artists Need to Know About Copyright and Trademarks: For Filmmakers, Visual Artists and Writers - This 116 page free e-book addresses the needs of artists and is written in plain and understandable English. It includes a series of essays on the basics of copyright, trademark, fair use, public domain and has chapters written specifically for visual artists, writers and filmmakers.

Studio and Ventilation Ideas

Talking Prices: Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art

Time Management for Creative People

Voluntary Lawyers for the Arts - This organization "... delivers pro bono and low cost legal services and information to members of the arts community each year. Access to VLA’s pro bono legal services is available to low-income artists and nonprofit arts organizations, but many other programs are more widely available to the entire arts community.”

Workshop and Lecture Contracts