Friday, August 20, 2010

Potpourri of Info About: Selling/Talking About Your Art

"Your art isn’t for everyone.
Once you understand this, you’ll have an easier time
finding the people who appreciate your work."
Alyson Stanfield

The following articles provide valuable information and tips
about factors that can make a big difference in
how successful you are in marketing your art...

Brag Better About Your Art, About You - Alyson Stanfield

Putting Your Art on Sale - Alyson Stanfield

5 Things to do After Selling an Artwork - Eric Smith

Should You License or Assign Your Art - Richard Sim

How Not to Sell Your Art

The Art of Self-Promotion for Visual Artists - Barney Davey

Marketing Art on Commission: Tips for Artists

The Art of the Home Show: Six Ways to Close More Home Sales - Eric Smith

Pricing 101: Best Practices for Independent Artists - Eric Smith

Hanging Art: Tips and Tricks - Eric Smith

What to do Before, During and After an Art Trade Show - Eric Smith

People Need Help Buying Art, So Help Them

You Can't Sell Your Art Until You Learn How to Sell It

Why do People Buy Art - Kathy Gulrich

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Christine Schrum said...

Hi there, Gwen. Thanks for posting these articles by Eric Smith! I'm Director of Social Media for Artexpo and wanted to let you know that because we've decided not to move forward with our LA show this fall, those links are no longer available. However, you'll find these same helpful articles and more on the blog for our New York show: You might want to replace the links. Thanks again, and keep up the great work with your blog!