Friday, August 13, 2010

Just for Fun: Textile Related Oddities & Absurdities - Part 4

More to tickle your funny bone, engage your sense of humor,
admire the creativity and/or to just leave you shaking your head...

If you missed earlier posts:

ANIMATIONS / VIDEOS - most of these are just too cute or funny for words...

Send Doozer Knitting Song Ringtone to Your Cell - For us "oldies" who remember and loved the Jim Henson PBS Fraggle Rock series - You can also read the lyrics.

Fraggle Rock Doozers Knitting Song - This is a 1:43 minute YouTube video clip of the Doozers singing about their favorite pasttime... It is just so-o-o cute!

Don’t Let It All Unravel – This is a short (1:44 minute) animated film – it’s wonderful!

Shreddies, Knitted by Nanas – This is a funny group of videos “explaining” how Shreddies (a British cereal) are made. Be sure to watch all 4 episodes. The top “TV” control lets you select the episode; the bottom control is for the volume.

Maggie and Mildred - Holly Klein - "Maggie and Mildred is the hand-stitched [cross stitch]animated story of the friendship between two girls. These girls aren't your usual friends, however!" - This is truly adorable!

The Last Knit – This is an animation about when knitting becomes an obsession – Absolutely hilarious!

The Thread That Holds Us Together - ...and pulls us apart

My Body - It's amazing how much you can pack into 12 seconds

All Knitted Animated Music Video – Everything in it is knitted and over 700 frames were needed to create it

Knit Stop-Motion Commercial

Yarn City Stop Motion Video

Yarn Performance Video


Panties from Knit Shirts – complete with instructions - It took her 5 hours just to make 2 pair (and this doesn't even include the time it took her to take apart the old underwear = presumably to use as a pattern).

Sewn and Embroidered Sanitary Pads - Warning: This may offend some viewers - The title of the work is Seven Women's Days

How to Make a Wedding Dress Out of T-Shirts - complete with instructions

Design Your Own Keds

Appliquéd Anatomy T-Shirt

Ribcage Purse

Knitted Full Head Monster Masks – these are really cute and would make great Halloween Costumes – instructions provided

Crocheted and Knitted Houses Worn as Sweaters

Wearable String - Male and Female versions

Knitted Skeleton Body Suit

Cards and Crochet - Life-sized dress created by combining greeting cards with crochet

Knitted Licorice Thong [the real licorice you eat] – And only 302 calories - For those who always wanted some of those edible panties but were just too embarrassed to buy a pair, knit your own – instructions provided.  

When Life Hands You Expired Condoms, Make a Dress! - "When New York University student Emma Kaywin realized that a pile of expired condoms from her HIV Hotline internship were going to the landfill, she asked if she could use them for an art project, instead."
Making the Condom Dress - video of the process

Knitted Intestines

Knitted Throat

Knitted Heart

Knitted Heart with Pattern

Knitted Brain

Bi-Sected Human Head - brains were knitted, other parts needle-felted

Felt Body Parts – Your choice of everything from the liver to an ear to a knee joint to lungs to…And you can have them in a jar or as earrings or as a brooch or as a necklace or as… And there are four pages of them to choose from

Anatomical Embroideries

Skull Yarn Painting

Jumbo Lace Skull

Thread(ed) Skull

Filet Crochet Brain Shawl

Knitted Female Body Suit (including the head) - click on the NEXT buttons to see the work in progress and a detail image

Knitted Skeleton – very realistic from yarn and copper wire – click on the NEXT buttons to see the work in progress, a detail image, and exhibition photos

Knitted Lobster Sweater – No, I don’t mean a sweater that looks like a lobster, I mean a sweater for a lobster

Knitted Severed Horse’s Head – Includes instructions – very realistic

Needle-felted Fisher Price Little People Dog

Needle Felted Animals

Needle Felted Sheep Tutorial

Needle Felted Dragon

Giant Felt Whale

Needle Felted Jabba the Hut


Knitted Life-Size Ferrari - YouTube video - For those who can't afford to buy one...

Wicker Motorcycle – Full Sized

Cross-Stitch on Cars - How does she do that?

Crochet Covered Bicycle - Spotted in NYC -- of course, where else would it be...

Crochet Space Shuttle

Crochet Saturn V Rocket


Needle Felted Horny Toad Roomba Cozy

Needle Felted Prescription Bottle

Knitted Street Signs

Crocheted Full Size and Useable Furniture

Knitted Electromagnetic Shields for Kitchen Appliances – Possibly safe, certainly ugly

Crocheted Skeleton Antimacassar

Crocheted Toaster and Waffles - and fire...

Art Knitted Live Tree - Someone had Way Too Much Time on Their Hands


Knitted Jock Strap – The knitter is shown as he is sitting nude in a men’s locker room while knitting himself a jock strap

The Genitosexual

Naughty Quilts Seen in British Shop Windows:
Woman in Repose
Sex Scene - You'll have to look hard to make out what they are doing
Subversive Cross-Stitch - Not the type of sentiments you expect to see on cross-stitch work - be sure to also check out the blog

Childbirth Education Doll - Woman in the process of giving birth


Sewn and Stuffed Digital Camera

Crocheted Hand Saw

Crocheted Sewing Machine and Thread

Crochet Bicycle Basket

Crochet Television and Atari Set

Crochet Telescope


Motorized Quilt

Need Privacy When Using Your Laptop in Public Places?

Music Waveform Needlework Sampler

Knitted Guitar

Knitted Olives – complete with the pimentos and instructions

Crocheted Explosives - You shouldn't play with dynamite! - pictures and video

Lunar Embroidery

Knotless Knitted Iceberg

Cross-Stitch Obama Pattern

Yarn Tattoo

Yarn from Old Newspapers

Crochet Chess Set

Spaghetti Crochet - Ever tried to crochet using spaghetti as your yarn?


Knit Your Own Hitler – Rachael Matthews (UK) has published a book with instructions for knitting replicas of 12 of the most evil tyrants in recent history including Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, and Pol Pot. The cover features the Hitler one doing the Nazi salute. Why in hell would anyone want to make one or more of these for themselves? I guess I really don't want an answer to that...

Unfortunately, she is not the only one...

NOT FIBER/TEXTILE RELATED (but worth a look anyway)

Bill Cosby Portrait – Okay, this isn’t fiber or textile related, but its so unique I had to include it

Anatomical Vegetables - Not fiber/textile related either, but very creative

Printable Paper Dolls - Remember Betsy McCall??? - You can download the first 10 years of Betsy and her wardrobe. I remember not being able to wait until McCall's Magazine was delivered each month. She never had any ethnic friends though (sigh).

QUESTION: Why is it that knitters and crocheters seem to have most of the fun???

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