Friday, May 21, 2010

Just for Fun: Textile Related Oddities & Absurdities - Part 3

More items for your enjoyment that are fun, funny, wierd, or just plain creepy

Part II
Part I

Embroidered Wonder Bread - Catherine McEver - Catherine "...uses sliced bread and thread to create art. while seemingly empheral, mcever has been able to keep some of these carefully crafted embroidered pieces for over four years."

Sewing Machine as Musical Instrument

Make Your Own Cloth Menstrual Pads - I kid you not!

Pringle of Scotland - This is a hilarious 3-minute animated video about what goes into the creation of their luxury knitwear.

Little Hen Rescue - request and instructions for knitting jumpers for rescued chickens who have lost a significant amount of their protective feathers.

How to Hand Knit a Mattress: 1,000 Strand Knitting - This is a 7 minute YouTube video of Rachel John (Extreme Textiles) knitting with 1,000 strands simultaneously. It shows both the set-up for the event and the event itself

"Coraline" Tiny Knitting - This is a 2-minute video showing how Althea Chrome handknit the outfits for the Coraline movie character

Extreme Knitters Rock the Yarn - This is a 3 minute slide show (with audio)

Extreme Crochet - This is a 4 1/2 minute YouTube video of a woman using her arms (and by extension, her body) as a crochet hook

The Knitting Machine - 5 1/2 minute video - Two excavators are used as a knitting machine to actually knit an American flag

Barack Obama Crochet Tapestry - Teresa gives a tutorial of How to Crochet from a Chart based on how she created a crocheted portrait of Barack Obama

      This is 1+ minute video of the process

What Not to Knit - full knit male body suit promoting the film Bruno - but its still another "WTF?" moment.

Crocheted (and backless) Jock Strap

Crocheted Snuggies - y'all gotta make one for yourself! - NOT!

Creepy Halloween Costumes for Infants - I don't find these to be "cute" at all - just creepy!

Crocheted Urinal

Stuffed Crocheted Zebra Head

Stuffed Crocheted Deer Head

Crocheted Hand Saw

Crocheted 31' Garden Hose

Knitted Power Cord

X-Rated - There are just no words for this...

X-Rated - Crocheted penis belt

X-Rated - Crocheted nude suit

X-Rated - WTF?

Perfect Gift for the Topless Pole Dancer on Your List

Crocheted Guns

Crocheted Gun and Gun Belt

Severed Finger - You can even have the pattern for free...

Knitted Poop

Knitted Wedding Cakes

Crocheted Bacon Strips

Dan Beckemeyer's Anatomy - he creates anatomical work by needle felting onto handmade abaca paper

Knitted Dissected Animals


Easter Bunny - for those who are into traumatizing children

Fetal Pig
Road Kill Carpet - I hope the people that commented about wanting to order one were just BS-ing. By the way, the featured road kill is (or should we say 'was') a fox

Crocheted Eyeball - With instructions


Sandy said...

Gwen- with this post, you win! Every other blogger can simply retire in defeat! We bow to your expertise. And I am sending on these links to everybody I can find!

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Sandy, I'm glad these links are tickling your funny bone! In case you missed Parts 1 and 2, I've just added links to them in this post. Enjoy!