Friday, May 14, 2010

Studio Protector: The Artist's Guide to Emergencies

"The Studio Protector is the one tool no studio artist should be without (if you want to cover your A’s that is − your art, assets, and archives). It’s a calendar-sized wall chart with wheel charts and pull-out booklets that cover the essential points of preparing for and recovering from emergencies. The complete, fun-to-use disaster kit designed by artists for artists makes the dull details of emergency preparedness a little less tedious for creative types of all stripes –
craft artists, sculptors, visual artists, designers, and graphic artists."

The Studio Protector is the first product of the Coalition for Artists’ Preparedness and Emergency Response, a new national task force that was formed in 2006. Dedicated to ensuring a national safety net for artists, and the organizations that serve them, before, during and after disasters the Coalition is a consortium of local, state, regional and national arts agencies, artist service organizations and foundations, CERF+ is the lead sponsor of the Coalition, and also, the creator of the Studio Protector.

There are two components to The Studio Protector:
  1. The Wall Guide (purchasable for $16) is "...a handy, practical and portable set of instructions and tips for decisive disaster response. The “Pocket Protectors” and Getting Help booklet can be removed and pocketed for ready reference, both in the studio and off-site, when you need reliable and easy to follow information fast." For ordering information as well as a 4+ minute video that demonstrates its features:
  2. The Online Guide is a supplement to The Studio Protector Wall Guide and provides "...more in-depth information to help you recover and salvage artwork, livelihood, and workspace. The mix of solid information and selective links and resources will streamline your research process; the well-honed advice from experts and compelling artists’ stories will keep you on track." There are eight components, each with incredibly detailed information, for you to explore: Planning, Warning, Relief, Clean-Up, Salvage, e-Salvage, Rebounding, and Safeguarding. (Note: You can freely access this supplementary information without charge):
Make sure you explore the entire site. On the homepage there is an opportunity to win a free Studio Protector (through the month of May), a Tip of the Month, and a featured video (Furniture maker Gary Spykman talks about flood insurance and the flood that affected his New Hampshire studio).

(Affiliation: I am a former Cerf+ board member)

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