Monday, May 31, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

Many of you already know about and have already signed up
to participate in this exciting project, but for those who don't...

[Note: there is a $25 cost. However, discounts are
available for group participants (over 4) and educational institution orders.
There is an option to also have your book digitized at an additional cost. -
I have no affiliation with the project except for my decision to participate]

Sketchbook 2011 (the 3rd Sketchbook iteration) is the brainchild project of the Brooklyn Art Library, a facility dedicated to artist books. About Sketchbook 2011: "This is a massive nationwide project...You are not just buying a sketchbook from us. Your submission fee goes to cover the sketchbook, shipping to you, the upkeep of the library and website, manpower, traveling across the country with 1500+ sketchbooks, and much much more."

Please take note that submitted work will be included in the permanent collection of the library and some of it may be published in an Art House book.

There are 30 themes available from which you may choose, or you may have a random theme assigned. Sketchbooks are not juried and all that are submitted will be included in the traveling exhibition.

You must sign up by October 31, 2010
and the sketchbook must be postmarked by
January 15th, 2011 (Just received notice
that my sketchbook is being shipped and that
the postmark date has been changed
to December 31, 2010. The tour starts March, 2011.

Overview - this is where you can view examples of past sketchbooks as well as a video describing the project.

Project Features - "CNN aired a piece about the 2009 tour, five participants were featured in a Time Out NY article about the 2010 tour, and PBS wrote an article about the 2009 tour which featured work from a slew of participants."

The Tour - thus far exhibition tours of all submitted sketchbooks have been booked for venues in: Brooklyn, NY; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Portland, ME; Austin, TX; and San Francisco - other venues may be added

The Rules - This page takes you to the General Rules. Tabs are provided for access to the Detailed Rules and the Agreement.

Community - Be patient, it may take extra time for the page to load into your browser. - "This map plots where each participant is located geographically. You can click on the marker to view who it is, find a link to their profile page, and see the theme of their sketchbook." - NOTE: International participants are welcome.



Control Panel - Once you have signed up to participate, there will be a Control Panel link at the top of each page you view. Click on it to have immediate access to your Profile Pages on which you can add: a picture and info about yourself (e.g., short bio, gender, state, etc. - by the way, if you include your birthdate it doesn't show up on public view); up to 12 images of your work; and determine your account settings (e.g. whether or not your want your profile to be public, delete your account, etc.)


Kyra said...

WOW - this seems very interesting!

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Kyra, I am so excited about this. Since you don't get your sketchbook returned, I decided to "pony up" the extra $20 to have it digitized. Also "might" do duplicate pages so I'll have a physical copy to keep (that's a big "might" though - grin).