Monday, August 9, 2010

Professional Identity

These articles should be required reading for all artists!

Professional Identity: Who Are You? and What Do You Do? - Kamal Sinclair - "...knowing who you are in simple terms is the key to obtaining meaningful success."

The Art of Going Pro: An Identity Crisis - Bill Weaver - "The lan­guage we use to describe our­selves, what we do, how we do it and how we frame our responses to deci­sions, is directly related to how we are in the world and how oth­ers expe­ri­ence us…it seals our iden­tity and in turn describes our vocation."

Professionalism in Practice…Setting the Stage - Bill Weaver -"...being a pro is a mindset, a way of seeing life and the world."

Four Elements that Define a Pro - Bill Weaver -"The real secret the professional holds is the knowledge that a personal best is just a point on a long continuum of growth and insight and not a destination."

Getting Started on the Right Foot: Part I - "An important point here is to understand the connection between how you see your business and how it actually is."

Getting Started on the Right Foot: Part II - Bill Weaver -"...focus on the business end of making a living from your art by taking a look at some best practices."

Getting Started on the Right Foot: Part III - Bill Weaver -"Start investing in yourself because you are your business."

Getting Started on the Right Foot: Part IV - Bill Weaver -"These next steps rely heavily on your having some idea of where you want to be and the strategies that will get your there."

The Art of Going Pro: Living Professionally I - Bill Weaver -"The pro knows that change is constant and that attaching himself to a particular outcome is a distraction because the future cannot be controlled. So instead of worrying about whether something will or will not happen he does he focuses his efforts on the present because he can control the present."

The Art of Going Pro: Living Professionally II - Bill Weaver -"...the point of this exercise is to give us as artists, especially visual artists, a code made up of behavioral and visual elements to build our own artistic identity on."

The Art of Going Pro: The Missing Piece - Bill Weaver -"Clarity is important to identity and identity helps others when they are sorting out where you belong in their minds."


bwphoto said...

Thank you so much Gwenn for listing this series and I hope it has helped your readers.
If there is any way I can be of help to you or your readers please feel free to let me know...
Thanks again!

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Bill, Thank YOU for sharing so much important information and things to consider. You've given us a lot to think about (and do!).