Sunday, March 9, 2008

Health & Safety in the Arts: Textile & Other Arts

The City of Tucson's Environmental Management Division has provided a comprehensive chart which gives detailed information about 20 hazards to health and safety for textile artists. Information is provided for hazards specific to vegetable, animal and man-made fibers and extensive information is given about dyes and dyeing processes. Chart headings include: Ingestion Hazards; Inhalation Hazards; Skin Contact Hazards; Other Hazards; and Precautions.

Textile Art Hazards:

Textile Art Mordant Hazards:

Painting and Drawing Pigment Hazards:

Painting and Drawing Preservative Hazards:

Painting and Drawing Technique Hazards:

Printmaking Technique Hazards:

Information also is available specific to: Ceramics, Child Art, Child Art Materials to Avoid, Child Art Rules for Safety, Commericial Art, Glass Art, Jewelry, Metalworking, Metalworking Patina Hazards, Modern Technology in Art, Other Art (includes info about papermaking, marbelizing, leathercraft, and feathers - among others), Photography, Photography Chemicals, Sculpture, Woodworking, and Woodworking Toxic Woods.


Karoda said...

Gwen thank you so much for these links...I love surface design and complex cloth but also have a serious pulmonary disease so I'll be reading through these this week.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Karoda, make sure you also read an earlier post about studio safety - Susan Louise Moyer shares a lot of detailed information about making a surface design studio safe: