Saturday, March 1, 2008

Peruvian Weavers

Eddie Sulca and Maximo Laura are contemporary Peruvian weavers who live in traditional villages. Their art, however, transcends and defies any boundaries of time or place.

Eddie Sulca is a master weaver who creates extraordinary 3-dimensional work. He controls the entire process from gathering the leaves, berries, branches, roots and insects used to make his dyes, to the spinning and weaving of the yarns. "After the spinning and dyeing process, Eddie begins to weave, developing images that appear to him in his dreams at night. These dream images are woven into subtle creations that reflect the images of ancient Peruvian cultures such as the Inca and Wari."

Maximo Laura: Contemporary Tapestries - "Maximo has taken the tapestry weave to a different level. He is constantly enhancing his unique technique of raising the weft to create incredible depth to his tapestries...[His] tapestries are full of vision, ritual, and Pre-Colombian myth. These pieces are an experience, a collision between the traditional and the contemporary. The iconographic language is authentically Peruvian. These technical pieces are woven with alpaca..."

A Walk with the Weavers – Slideshow – This slideshow about Zapotec weavers in Oaxaca was created "To address the problem of declining sales and tourism to individual weaver homes, is collaborating with artisans and the local community museum to connect travelers and weavers." - Note: the slides advance automatically

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