Friday, March 14, 2008

Profile: Tapestry Artist Micala Sidore - by Katherine Duncan Aimone

The following in-depth essay highlights the work of tapestry artist Micala Sidore and explores her “…love of words, dedication to the medium of tapestry, and her fascination with the visual.” It is the first in a series of artist profiles written by Katherine Duncan Aimone that will be published approximately every six weeks from this point forward on the website of Aimone Art Services. - Gwen Magee

Micala Sidore’s series titled Black + White + Red All Over is an engaging exploration of her love of words, her dedication to the medium of tapestry, and her fascination with the visual. Her woven images are simple and clear in design, yet they are more often complex in content than initially meets the eye. When viewed as a group, these pieces are powerful, passionate, and unapologetically entertaining.

"I do want people to be surprised and even charmed
by the idea that art does not have to be serious and
important to work. Art can just move you, and that’s
enough…give you something to think about for longer
than getting it at first glance, even if that ‘longer’ is
just a minute."

Fifteen years ago, Sidore began to explore an idea that has now evolved into a series. She started by simply making the conscious choice to limit the palette of her work to black, white, and red. She found this discretionary restraint surprising freeing, and it eventually opened up a new world to her as an artist. She has since discovered she can navigate deftly within her chosen microcosm.

During 1992, she created two exploratory pieces. When she created a third piece in 1993 (which she later designated as the third in the series), she incorporated lettering, using magazine cutouts of the words black and white as her springboard. At this point, she knew one thing for certain – she found working with words in the context of weaving extremely compelling…

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Quiltdivajulie said...

The quotation caught my interest and pulled me in ~ thanks so much for posting this... I've printed off the full profile to read.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...


Thanks for posting - I think Katherine wrote a great article about Micala's work.