Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More on Health & Safety in the Arts

A comment about the recent Health & Safety post led me to search for more resources on this topic:

Certified Products List - This is a listing of art materials that have been certified by The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. as "...[containing] no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurius to humans or to cause acute or chronic health problems."

The Healthy Artist Guide to a Less Toxic Studio - developed by Environmental Defence in partnership with CARFAC Ontario for the Toxic Nation project:

The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide - Monona Russell - Chapter 16 on Textile Arts can be accessed (scroll to beginning to see the Table of Contents):
Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/3x7733

Artist Beware: The Hazards of Working with All Art and Craft Materials and the Precautions Every Artist/Craftsperson Should Take - Michael McCann - includes a separate chapter for textile arts (scroll down to page 493):
Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/2gvgca

Artists with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) - "Artists with MCS is - first of all - a medium for discussing plans and ideas; a way to share experiences with art materials, or to solve personal or artistic problems or needs. It is a space where artists of all kinds can connect, trusting they will be taken seriously, and where help of all sorts is honored. The network members help each other with trust and loving kindness to continue their work, or find their way back to working as an artist in spite of their limitations. They exchange knowledge about safe, odorless colors or tolerable recording units, or to learn about new techniques that take the illness's consequential damage into consideration."

Organizations for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)

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