Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structure for U. S. Artists

“Throughout our history, artists in the U.S. have utilized their skills as a vehicle to illuminate the human condition, contribute to the vitality of their communities and to the broader aesthetic landscape, as well as to promote social change and democratic dialogue. Artists have also helped us interpret our past, define the present, and imagine the future. In spite of these significant contributions, there's been an inadequate set of support structures to help artists, especially younger, more marginal or controversial ones, to realize their best work. Many artists have struggled and continue to struggle to make ends meet. They often lack adequate resources for health care coverage, housing, and for space to make their work. Still, public as well as private funding for artists has been an uneven, often limited source of support even in the best of times economically.”

Thus begins this 107-page document (available as a free e-book) from the Culture, Creativity, and Communities (CCC) Program of the Urban Institute. One of its findings:

"While 96% of Americans value art in their communities and lives, only 27% value artists."

The Urban Institute (a nonpartisan economic and social policy research organization) publishes studies, reports, and books on timely topics worthy of public consideration.

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Sonji Hunt said...

I absolutely believe the statistic. I'm off to get the free e-book right now. Thank you,.