Thursday, October 11, 2007

Artist as Teacher: A Guide for Artists Working in Schools

“The purpose of this guide [a 70-page free e-book] is to help…artists understand, survive, and enjoy success in the role of Artist, as teacher [in the classroom]. It is not intended to change their role as artists but rather to start conversations and prepare artists to become an integral part of any community. This guide leads an artist in preparation. Why? Because the role of Artist, as teacher, is integral to the survival of the arts.”

The guide is prepared by the Whole Schools Initiative of the Mississippi Arts Commission. The Whole Schools Initiative is “Mississippi's first comprehensive statewide arts education program, [which] uses the arts as a vehicle for promoting high-quality instruction and learning for students in all disciplines. This unique program goes far beyond ‘art for art's sake’ and applies the learning power of the arts across the entire curriculum.”

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