Saturday, February 7, 2009

Artist Residencies - Part III

Artist Residencies, An Overview - Deanna Wood - This is a great overview and explanation of the various types of artist residencies

Artist-in-Residency Programs - Just click on the state and get a listing of available residency programs

Checklist -TransArtists has developed a pointed list of questions that you should consider when deciding which residency program is best for you. They were specifically developed to assist artists searching for and applying to international programs, but are equally pertinent for programs in your own country:
Motivations - "Many residential art centers have strong reasons for running their program. Therefore you have to think about the reasons why you want to stay and work somewhere else."

Searching and Choosing - questions to consider range from which residency profile will best meet your needs to the important practicalities that have nothing to do with art

Applying - application procedures vary widely - things to keep in mind

Money Check - associated costs of the residency you may not have considered

Artist in Residence at Durham Cathedral

Artist-in-Residence at Philadelphia Cathedral - Episcopal Diocese

Artist-in-Residence strives to make 'art and soul' connection - Trinity Episcopal Church Buffalo, NY

Artist-in-Residence Inspiration from Above - St. Gregory Catholic Church

Young Audiences New York Residency Planning Guide

Japan-US Creative Arts Fellowship, Online Residency Handbook - "...information about the responsibilities of the grant, how the stipend works, tips for getting set up in Japan and other pertinent information to help make the most of your time in Japan."

Other Unusual AIR (Artist in Residence) Programs:

Department of Safety (DoS) in Anacortes, WA

Racine, WI is starting an AIR program in 2009

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