Monday, May 26, 2008

Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts: The Role of Intellectual Property – A Practical Guide

This 150 page free e-book is a practical and user-friendly guide that “…brings out the relationship between successful marketing of crafts and visual arts, and the use of intellectual property (IP) tools…This Guide assumes the reader has limited knowledge or expertise, if any, about principles of marketing or IP. An effort has been made to write in clear, and, to the extent possible, jargon-free language, and from a practical and common sense perspective…It is hoped that the Guide will be as relevant for a person belonging to an indigenous group or tribe as for a traditional artist or craftsperson, or for a modern, city-based enterprise in a fast-paced business environment. The Guide is essentially aimed at readers in developing countries and countries in transition, but will also be applicable for those in developed countries. [Emphasis added]”.

One of the case studies cited is: “Mary Engelbreit: Artist and entrepreneur – A licensing story”
NOTE: If desired, a print version can be purchased:

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