Friday, May 30, 2008

All About: Needles

Another indispensable tool in the arsenal of textile artists is the needle - tiny in size but with the power to reduce you to tears and/or cause you to say things that would merit having your mouth washed out with soap...

A Guide to Sewing Machine Needle Selection

All About Sewing Machine Needles

Anatomy of a Needle

Dull Needle Illustration - many machine problems can be corrected by simply changing the needle - through the use of magnification, this illustration demonstrates why

Embroidery Needle Reference Chart

Embroidery Needles: How to Select the Right Needle for Your Project; and Easy Steps for Choosing the Correct Needles for Today's Needlework.

Fabric/Needle Cross Reference

Hand Sewing Needle Guide

How’s Your Needle Knowledge? – this excellent video takes you through all of the basics about needles from detailed information about the parts of a needle to the differences between the European & American sizes to different needle types to how to choose the right needle for your project. Even if you're experienced, you'll probably learn something.{7F5D1010-7D94-4922-AFF0-31935DCB8BDA}&EFID=1051&DocID=1635&shopstop=1

Needle Know-How: Guidelines for type and size of needle for different weights and types of fabrics

Needle Selection Guide

Needle Size Chart (European/US)

Quilt Tips [about needles] from Quilters Around the World

Schmetz Sewing Machine Needle Guide - illustrated

Troubleshooting Sewing Problems

Twin Needle Reference Chart

What Every Home Sewer Needs to Know

Using the Right Needle

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