Sunday, December 16, 2007

Studio & Ventilation Ideas – Susan Louise Moyer

The information provided by Susan Moyer is detailed and accompanied by pictures. Topics covered include: Dyes and Pigments; Storing Dye; Natural & Synthetic Fibers; Melted Wax; Ventilation; Fire Prevention; Storing Flammable Products; Lighting & Color; Basic Studio Worktable; Basic Storage; Sink & Storage; and How to Make a Mixing Box.

Originally presented by Susan at the 2005 World Batik Conference in Boston, it was again presented at the 2007 Surface Design Conference in Kansas City. She states:
“This information, gleaned from many years
as a batik artist and silk painter, is intended
to suggest some options artists need to consider
when creating studio space for working with
various dyes, chemicals and melted wax. The
information will include recommendations on
how to construct inexpensive ventilation,
lighting options, basic safety precautions, and
storage for studio supplies such as dyes, fibers
and flammable material.”

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