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Symbols pack a lot of power. Following is a list of resources:
Adinkra Symbols of West Africa - This site's mission is to make available high-quality renditions of these African symbols at no cost for personal and non-profit uses – you also can sign up to be notified whenever new Adinkra symbols are added to the index.

American Indian Symbol Dictionary

Ancient Symbols

Animal Symbolism – An alphabetized list of animals along with the meanings commonly associated with each.

Animal Symbolism – Another alphabetized list of animals along with the meanings commonly associated with each

Buddhist Symbols and Iconography

Dictionary of Symbolism – “This symbolism dictionary endeavors to provide some possible cultural significances of various symbols, and suggest ways in which those symbols may have been used in context. Most symbols are not code signals, like traffic lights, where red means stop and green means go, but part of a complex language in which green can mean jealousy or fertility or even both, depending on context. It is up to each of us to explore works of art sensitively, and decide for ourselves how the symbols in each work function.”

Gallery of Religious Symbols

Native American Symbols

Northern Native American Symbols\

Symbolism of Color: Using Color for Meaning – explore the world of symbols by using a graphic index, a word index, or by using either a text or random search – This is a directory to the world of symbolism.

Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture

The Blues – July 25, 2007 – March 2, 2008 exhibit at the Textile Museum of Canada – “The mystique of the colour blue - beautiful, elusive, reflecting the sky and the sea - pervades human life and culture around the world. The Blues examines the powerful symbolism associated with the colour blue.”

Curatorial Essay – Patricia Bentley

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