Friday, August 29, 2008

Just For Fun

For presidential campaign fun...

Pop Your Candidate into the White House - templates and directions for making a pop-up card. Just print the file out onto card stock and then glue whichever candidate you prefer (or both if you just can't make up your mind) onto the white house lawn.

Free Presidential Candiate E-Cards - from Dover Publications - You have the option of each candidate by himself, with their wives, or with each other.

McCain and Obama Paper Dolls - from Dover Publications - These you have to buy, but they're only $7.99. Also, you can sign up to receive free updates to their (and their wives') wardrobes.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Textile & Yarn Shopping: New York & Los Angeles

All you need to know about where to go...

Guide to the NYC Garment District - Paula Nadelstern has written a wonderful annotated guide on where the great fabric finds are in New York's garment district. I'll definitely print it out and take it with me the next time I'm lucky enough to get there!

LA Fashion District Guide - click the "Search District" link (upper right hand corner), then under 'Products', click the down arrow and scroll down to Textiles and Supplies

Los Angeles Area Yarn Shops

Yarn Stores - New York and Elsewhere - lists yarn stores in NYC & Boroughs, NY state, NJ, CT, MA, and NH

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Self-Portraiture - Part II

Following is an additional list of resources for creating a self-portrait
To read the first post on Self-Portraits:

Just for Fun: Create Your Self-Portrait Online - This is a feature by PBS - you're provided with the tools to create your own self-portrait, from face shape to facial features to hairstyle to clothing - you can play with color - if you've clicked on something and change your mind, just click the red circle with the slash line to remove it - you can also click on various features you've placed (such as the nose) and drag them to rearrange - loads of fun.

Creating a Realistic Self-Portrait -Tissone

Lesson plans - created primarily for middle to high school students, the following concepts and exercises for creating self-portraits are easily adaptable for use by artists

.....Symbolic self-portrait -
.....Collage self- portrait -
.....Three-Dimensional -

Create a Self-Portrait – this tutorial is using PVA glue, acrylic paint and tissue paper or paper towels – but who says you can’t do this using fabric or other textiles???

Jacob Lawrence Self Portrait - The Whitney Museum displays Jacob Lawrence's self-portrait and gives information about different aspects of it - a "mouse over" feature is included

Self-Portrait Silhouettes - Amy Snyder

Why Artists Should Paint Self-Portraits - Marion Boddy-Evans

Self-Portrait - Designed as a series of lessons on self-portraits for 1st & 2nd grade students, its a great introduction for anyone wanting to create a self-portrait

Identity Portraits - Theresa Parker - this lesson plan for 4th/5th graders addresses "How can an artist show aspects of identity besides physical appearance in a work of art?"

How to Make a Self-Portrait

Cut Paper Self Portraits - Marvin Bartel - [ idea - substitute fabric for the paper ]

How to Draw a Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait Stencil - Debra Cooper

Fried Kahlo Self-Portrait - 2D Collage - Exploring and Revealing Identity Through Visual Art


Michele David[gallery]=ID&ID%5Bgallery%5D=53

.....NOTE: Michele also teaches a workshop: "Expressive Self Portrait in Fabric"

Pam Rubert

Patricia Dunn - tapestry

Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer - has created a series of abstract self-portraits

Ren's Self-Portrait - created for a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge

Linda MacDonald

Lucie Martin - hand woven tapestry - hold mouse over first image in upper left-hand corner

Kansas Art Quilters: Upon Reflection - an exhibition of self-portraits by their membership

Sandra Donabed

Kjersti Timenes - tapestry

Julie Fischer - batik

Deb Richardson

June Underwood

Deb Erikson - tapestry

QuiltArt: Finding Time/Finding Ourselves - Self-portraits by QuiltArt List members

Serena Fenton

Arlee Baar

Mona Caron

Judy Martin

Rebekka Seigel

Susan Sorrell

Sheila Riess

Carol Westfall - Digital print on polyester georgette and cotton

Creative Self-Portrait Challenge - Quilting Arts Magazine entries

The Art of Reflection: Women Artists' Self-Portraiture in the Twentieth Century - Marsha Meskimmon - This is " the first sustained inquiry into the appropriation of self-portraiture by women painters, photographers, scultptors, and performance artists." To preview the book:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paño: Art from the “Inside” Out

Handkerchiefs are the foundation of paño art. Its origins began in the prisons of the southwest providing Hispanic inmates with an affordable, portable, and mailable canvas on which they expressed their hopes, dreams, memories, and experiences both inside and outside the prison walls.

Paño: Art from the "Inside" Out - “Whether intensely spiritual or brazenly secular, paño art draws on the deepest emotions of prisoners whose artistic expression is limited only by the materials at hand. The word paño (Spanish for cloth or handkerchief) has come to mean the art form itself -- a ball point pen or colored pencil drawing on a handkerchief.” NOTE: Click on arrow at the bottom of each page for more information and drawings

Guide to Paño Symbolism