Monday, June 15, 2009

Textile Related Postage Stamps

Embroidery for postage stamps brings national RSA [Royal Society of encouragement of the Arts] award

Textiles has been a popular theme for postage stamps throughout the world. Here are a few of them, arranged by country.

Gallery of Stamps with a Textile Theme

Russian Stamps: Turkmen Picking Cotton

Sewing Equipment for Army

Textile Mill

Lace Maker





Bayeux Tapestry


Spinning Wheels

Hand Looms

Gee's Bend Quilt Stamps

Amish Quilt Stamps

Art of the American Indian Stamps

Knitting on Stamps

A Postage Stamp Commemorates Isfahan as the 'City of Polish Children' - "The stamp commemorates two things: a huge tragedy in Poland's history, and how Iran helped rescue some of the victims. But to understand the whole story – which today is largely forgotten outside Poland – one must go back to the very start of World War II.

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