Monday, June 22, 2009

Textile Sculpture - Part 5: Ruth Asawa, Karen Searle, Sarah Hewitt, Olga de Amaral

More stunning work by fiber artists exploring different disciplines

Ruth Asawa - Ruth Asawa is renowned for her
wire and fiber sculptures. Explore all pages of her
website to learn about her creative process.

Oral History Interview – this is the transcript of
a 2002 interview that is archived at the Smithsonian

Ruth Asawa: A Life in Art – an article by Pam RuBert
posted to the Ragged Cloth Café blog

YouTube Video – 8 ½ minute video – Daniell Cornell,
Curator at the San Jose Museum of Art talks about Ruth
Asawa’s exhibit, “Contours in the Air”. It includes an
interview by phone with her oldest daughter.



Karen Searle – knits and crochets into 3-dimensional
form any malleable medium, from linen to wire to hog
gut to telephone cable. Her predominant interest is in
exploration of the feminine form
– click image for large close-up



Sarah Hewitt – “I choose to sculpt using fibers – using a variety of materials from jute twine from the hardware store to bark peeled fresh from a tree, and cloth purposed for commercial fishing. To build an object I use a variety of textile techniques – stitching, knitting, crochet, coiling, weaving – any form of joinery. My forms develop from the materials’ strengths and weakness. They border on the yonic and womb-like, referencing nests, bindings, and scarification.”

In her blog, Sarah goes into detail about her artistic and creative thought process as well as in-depth info about “The Love Armor” project

Olga de Amaral is a Columbian Textile Artist
whose works often “…take the form of large
tapestries covered with gold or silver leaf…” [and]
“…is one of the textile artists who, in the 1960s,
first turned textile arts from a primarily two-
dimensional representational art form into a
three-dimensional, abstract art form.”

The Sun Queen – this is an in-depth 3-page
article about Olga de Amaral in TREND
(art+design+architecture) magazine – wonderful

Landscapes of Imagination – gives details
and images of an installation of her tapestries

More Images – click on images for close-up views


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