Monday, February 22, 2010

UPDATE - Print Your Own Fabric Companies

Only a month ago, I did a post about companies that offer the service of printing yardage of your fabric design. I've just learned about another company for you to consider, as well as have come across a blog posting that provides not only information about things you need to consider, but also provides a lot of comparison nformation about the different services each company offers.

Eyecandey - the newest company to enter the field (along with Fabric on Demand, Karma Kraft, and Spoonflower)

My Big Digital Fabric Printing Experiment - Kim Kight- She had a single design printed by each of the four services. Discusses the results in detail.

Digital Fabric Printing Guide - Kim Kight's side-by-side comparisons of the 4 companies on 21 different indices (ranging from price to color matching information)

20 Ideas for Digital Fabric Printing - Kim Kight provides a lot of great ideas for taking advantage of digital fabric printing services

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