Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You Listening? - Haiti Relief Song

The horrific loss of  life and tremendous physical destruction of Port-au-Prince are mind boggling. The video below attests to it with emotion and passion. No one with a soul can listen to or view it without being tremendously moved.

"Are You Listening: A Love Song for Haiti" - Kirk Fanklin & Friends

But there is also another unimaginable price that not only Haitians but the entire world of art will now have to pay...

A Cultural Agony in a Nation Where Art is Life

Vibrant Haitian Art Vanishes in the Dust

Quakes Toll on Haitian Art, Heritage and Income

Unesco Urges Ban on Trade of Haitian Art

EXAMPLES of HAITIAN TEXTILE ART (sequined vodou flags are the best known examples):

Drapo Vodou: Haitian Vodou Flags (scroll down for many examples - click on pictures for close-up views)

Haitian Art - Voodoo Flags - click on pictures for close-up views

The Power of Haitian Art - click on pictures for close-up views


Jeanne said...

Very moving song and video. The stories about losing the art of Haiti are saddening. Without Art, how does a culture reflect itself? I fear for the future of Haiti - the people are incredible survivors, but this earthquake seems to have taken everything, but their spirit. After the initial crisis, I hope they are remembered, and support continues to put their country back together.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

jeanne, all I can add to your comment is "Amen".