Friday, April 9, 2010

Textile Related Tutorials - Part 6

I didn't expect to post another list of tutorials for several months, but the resources keep rolling in. There are so many that I'm having to split them (Part 7 will be posted next week).

Free Motion Quilting Filler Project - Leah Day - This is the motherload of ideas and designs for free motion quilting that she is sharing for free!!! Leah has the goal of compiling and making available 365 different designs. To day, she has completed 128. Each design is accompanied by information about its Inspiration, Difficulty Level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), Directional Texture, and Suggestions for Use. Addtionally, Lean includes a video showing exactly how its done.
Note: You can sign up to receive email updates about new patterns on her blog:
Free Motion Quilting Designs - Patsy Thompson has also made some design patterns available as PDF downloads.

Free Motion Machine Quilting: 67 Machine Stitching Tips and Motifs - Free e-book by Quilting Arts Magazine

Handbook of Really Freemotion Machine Quilting Designs - Melody Johnson
Blogging for Quilters - Dena Crain - Dena has written an insightful and information packed article on the do's and don'ts of blogging. Great info for those thinking about entering the blogosphere as well as for those of us already "on the playground".

Taking and Editing Photos for the Internet - Vicki Welsh

How to Make Blogger Pages Work for You (as an Artist) - Katherine Tyrell

How to Quilt a Face - Virginia Greaves

Thread Savy - Ellen Anne Eddy - Ellen has created a blog where she focuses on how to effectively work with the threads, supplies and equipment that can be both the joy and bane of free-motion embroidery.
4/13/10 - I've just learned that Ellen has very recently deleted this blog so that the links no longer work. Apparently she has moved the information to her new blog (see the following link), so please do a search on it to find the information.
Double Bias Binding - Ellen Guerrant - This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to "...make a perfect bias binding" in two extensive parts.
Seamless Quilt Bindings - Dena Crain

Preserving Points - Ellen Guerrant - How to prevent points that extend to the edge of a quilt from being covered or "chopped off" when the binding is applied.

How to Use Conductive Fabric to Create Your Own Custom Circuit for Wearables - Alice Planas - This is based on a process developed by Leah Beuchley and Michael Eisenberg

DIY Sewing Machine Retrofit - Micah - This was done to upgrade a Singer Inspiration 4210

Art Cloth Display Guidelines - Jane Dunnewold

Embroidering a Portrait - James Cummings - this tutorial demonstrates " to turn a photograph of a person into a redwork embroidered portrait".

Faux Chenille Interpretation Tutorial - Spontaneous Combustion - Arlee Barr

Leaf Tutorial - Arlee Barr

Fabric Collage Under a Sheer - Ken Smith

Layering - Ken Smith

Machine Embroidery - Ken Smith

How to "Trick Braid" Leather - This technique could also be easily adapted for use with many different textiles

7 Braid Mystery Belt - This technique is also adaptable for many textiles

Making Fabric Wings - Patrizia Cozzo

Flower Pounding - Kathleen M. Tenpas

Printing with Leaves - Sarah Ann Smith

Portable Quilt Design Wall - 32" x 32"

Large Design Wall - 6' x 4'

Design Walls - What they are and How I Build Mine - Lisa Call

Dyed Paper Towels for Paper and Fabric Arts - Debra Cooper

Self-Portrait Stencil - Debra Cooper

Frigid Piecing - Pat Coulter - This is a free online class on her technique for creating a very three-dimensional effect

Piecelique: Curved Quilting Technique - Sharon Schamber

Freeform Curved Piecing - Sarah Fielke

Easy Pieced Curves a la Fleming

Easy Circle Quilt Blocks - Alex Anderson - 7:11 minute video - This is a pinless technique for machine piecing circles and curves

Felting on Linen - Margaret Oomen - requires neither Embellisher nor felting needles

Working with Fantasy Film

Creating Faux Carnival Glass - Zeborah Loray

Dyeing Bright Colours - Sandra Wyman

Working on Texture When Dyeing - Sarah Ann Smith

How to Crochet - This is a series of step-by-step videos that teach the basics of crochet

How to Pack and Ship Your Quilt - Ellen Lindner

Fabric Collage - Ellen Lindner - Info about her construction technique & design inspiration

Perfectly Flat Quilts - Ellen Lindner - Blocking Technique

How to Shade - Pam Holland

Fabric Painting: 5 Surface Design, Paint, and Monoprint Techniques - free e-book from Quilting Arts Magazine

Painted Batting - Sue Bleiweiss

Stitched-In Corners Binding Tutorial - Cheri Sullivan

Foolproof Miters on any Width Binding - Sarah Ann Smith

Binding with Sheer Fabrics and Ribbons - Sarah Ann Smith

Facings as an Edge Finish - Sarah Ann Smith

Wholecloth Facing Quilt Finish - Brenda Gael Smith

How to Make a Kimono - Sam Lemieux

Pre-Tied Obi Tutorial - Sam Lemieux - click on the image to enlarge

Tansferring Patterns to Fusible Fabric - Michele

Discharging Dye for Surface Designers and Quilting - Bob Adams - 9:58 minute video

Pinless Painless Basting - Sharon Schamber

Stretching Fabric for Mounting Textile Artwork - Cynthia Wenslow

Mounting a Small Quilt on a Canvas - Sarah Ann Smith

Wood Embroidery - Bobbi Huelsmann

Marbling Fabric the Easy Way - Kay Sorenson

A Lesson in Block Printing - Lizzy House


Machine Needle Felting: Texturizing Fabric - Linda Matthews

Making Felted Balls - Judy Coates Perez

Making Felt Using Yarn and a Layer of Tulle - Linda Matthews

How to Paint Dryer Sheets - Linda Matthews

Machine Wrapped Cording - Linda Matthews
Textural "Fabric" Paper - Linda Matthews

Making Fabric Using Water Soluble Stabilizer - Linda Matthews

Printing on Sheer Fabric - Linda Matthews

Snow Dyeing Tutorial - Gayle McKay

Machine Fusion Fiber - C Findley-Harder
Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels Tutorial - Leaf: Fannie Narte

Transferring Patterns to Fusible Fabric - Michele Guthrie

Birch Pond Pattern: Fusing Lesson - Sarah Ann Smith

Banner Tutorial - Sarah Waterhouse - This tutorial is for making banners using T-Shirt transfers
Tutorial on Composition Elements – written for painters, it holds true for any 2-D art medium, including ours. It teaches and reinforces the fundamentals in a down to basics, fun way – done in the form of a slide show, addresses 30 subjects including: leading the eye; paths for the eye; positioning objects; block off the exit; and composition checklist, among others

Indian Shisha (mirror) Embroidery Tutorial

A Basic Guide to Embroidery and Hand Sewing - Dianne Lewandowski – 170 pages – a comprehensive guide

How to Make a Portable Cutting Mat Case - Christine Sews

Straightening Fabric Grain - Kimara

Video Library (online) of Hand Embroidery Stitches

Gelatin Plate Printing with Natural Dyes – Kimberly Baxter Packwood – YouTube vidcasts – 4-5 minutes each
How to Use Natural Dyes – Cheryl Kolander

Rust Solution Dyeing Tutorial – Sophie Geelong

Graduated Dyeing in Plastic Bags – Carol McFee

Tutorial for Dyeing Cotton Fabric

Folding Fabric - How to organize your stash so that the fabrics are uniformly folded (same width and length).

Shibori – Karen K Brito

Making Shibori Fabric Tutorial – Cozy Bendesky

Pole-Wrapped Tutorial (pictorial) – Rachel E. Pollock

All About Hand-Dyeing – Paula Burch – a variety of hand dyeing instructions

Janome Sew Mini Tutorial - Alma Stoller

How to Make a Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt - Gloria Hansen

Hanging Pocket - Beth Wheeler - "Tired of hanging sleeves? Try this quick pocket method—great for small to mid-size wall quilts, fabric collage, and mixed media on a fabric base."

Antique Pattern Library: Crochet, knitting, tatting, netting, embroidery, needle lace, beading and other needlework patterns – “This ongoing project is an effort to scan needlework pattern books that are in the public domain, to preserve them, so we can keep our needlework heritage in our hands. These scans have been photoedited to make them more useful for needle workers, and to reduce file sizes. They are available, for free, to anyone who wants them, for educational, personal, artistic and other creative uses.”

From Sarah's Bookshelf - Sarah Ann Smith - Sarah shares the 14-page bibliography she developed for her book Threadwork Unraveled. It is broken down into 10 categories, each of which can be downloaded separately if desired. They include: Art Quilting; Breaking Out and Stretching Yourself; Color; Decorative Stitch and Free-motion Embroidery; Drawing, Design Inspiration and Creativity; Hawaiian Applique; Machine Applique; Machine Quilting and Design; Miscellaneous Cool Stuff; and Painting and Dyeing Fabric.

Changing Color in Photoshop Using Elements Video Tutorial - Beth Wheeler

Make Your Own Spray Box - "If you love to use 606 Spray and Fix spray on fusible web for applique make your own spray box so it catches any over spray. It make clean up a breeze."

How to Make a Big Ironing Board

Machine Fiber Fusion - C Findlay-Harder
Metallic Painting Effects on Fabric - Vicki Welsh

Dyeing Yarn in 30 Minutes or Less - Melody Johnson

How to Unravel a Sweater to Recycle Yarn

Fabric Painting: 5 Surface Design, Paint and Monoprint Techniques - Quilting Arts Magazine - step-by-step instructions

6 Secrets of Successful Machine Couching - Carol Taylor

Dyeing with Natural Plant Material

Create Unique Prints with this Easy Technique - Making gelatin monprints on fabric and paper

Beautiful Bows - Joggles

How to Care for Vintage Fabrics: 36 Tips - Kim Kight

23 Things to Talk About in Your Art Newsletter

Business Plans for Artists: Here, I Did It for You!


Thea said...

wow! What an amazing list, it must have taken a long time to compile. Thanks for sharing.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Hi Thea, There will be another long list of tutorials posted next Friday. Its amazing how much is being generously shared. Enjoy.


Sandy said...

Gwen- looks like you have the next 6 months of my life planned out to read all these! Thanks for the extensive (!) list AND all your work getting it together! You are amazing.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Sandy, Have lots of fun checking them out.


Karoda said...

this is the motherlode of tutorials!!!! thank you...of course i made never get off the internet for the rest of the week, but i really do appreciate you listing them :)

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Have fun Karoda! I was truly surprised at how many new tutorials became available.