Friday, April 16, 2010

Textile Related Tutorials - Part 7

As promised, following are the remainder of the tutorials discovered since January...
Textile Related Tutorials - Part 6
Textile Related Tutorials - Part 5
Textile Related Tutorials - Part 4
Textile Related Tutorials - Part 3
Textile Related Tutorials - Part 2
Textile Related Tutorials - Part 1

KnitPro - Not a tutorial but a free web application that translates digital images (JPEG and GIF files) into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns. Just upload your image and it will convert it for you.

The Magic of Cyanotype: Blueprinting Instructions - Also gives care instructions, tips for printing and troubleshooting information

Cyanotype on Fabric - Tyler Hewitt - Not a tutorial, but Tyler shows the results of his experiments with cyanotype printing on different colors of fabric. You are not limited to only having blue colors and tones!

Making Paper Cloth - Katherine Sands

Burying Your Quilting Threads - K. Grace Howes - 4-minute video - A super easy way to bury thread tails after free-motion quilting, especially if the thread tails are too short to manage

Facings: An Alternative to Traditional Bindings - K. Grace Howes

Making a Quilt Hanger - 1+-minute video - How to make a quilt hanging system with pullies, cord, a straight board and clips - not a step-by-step guide.

Using a Bead Loader for Quilt Embellishment - Trish Stuart - 3:34-minute video

Reverse Applique Using Fusible Tread - Trish Stuart - Step-by-step instructions with close-up pictures

How to Set up Your Bobbin Correctly for Bobbin Work - Trish Stuart

Bobbin Work: When Threads are too Thick for the Needle - Sharee Dawn Roberts

Sewing Crazy Curves without Pins - Elisa Wilson - 1:51 video

Curved Piecing for Art Quilts - Alicia Merrett - Three 8 to 9-minute videos - How she pieces free form curves
Lutradur and Lace - Carol McFee - demonstrates how to achieve a textured surface

Out of the Cupboard: A Fascination with Foil - Several surface treatments to create backgrounds
Why and How to Sew with a Scant 1/4" Seam Allowance - Marci Baker - 8-minute video

Mitered Binding for Different Angles - Marci Baker - 7:41-minute video

Piped Binding Instructions - Trish Stuart - Step-by-step instructions with close-up pictures

Applying Foil to Fabric Using Plants - Trish Stuart - 5:42-minute video

Piec-lique Basic Circle - Sharon Schamber - Step-by-step instructions with close-up pictures

Binding Technique - Sharon Schamber - Step-by-step instructions with close-up pictures

Beading on Quilts - The Basics Part I - Angela McIntyre - See page 3 - (NOTE: Part II will be available in their next issue)

Art Fabric: Create Your Own Using Lumiere Metallic Paints - Angela McIntyre - Using metallic paints to give glimmer and shine to everyday fabrics - See page 6

Removing Excess Rust: Direct Method - K Baxter Packwood

Removing Excess Rust: The Soak Method - K Baxter Packwood

Indigo Dyeing Safety Instructions - K Baxter Packwood

Folding Quilts on the Bias - Rose Marie - to maximize storage & eliminate fold marks

Spring Cleaning for Your Sewing Machine - Weeks Ringle

Mitering Borders - Jackie Robinson - 2-minute video - the simplest & easiest method yet!

Citrasolv Photo Transfer Tutorial - Lyric Kincaid

Editing Quilt Photos: Part 1 - Anita

Texture Magic Tutorials - Patsy Thompson
Sketching and Watercolor: Journal Style. A Mini-Lesson - Jane LaFaziko

How to Shade - vidcast - Pam Holland

Marbling Fabric the Easy Way - Kay Sorenson

How to Make Your Portfolio iPhone Compatible - Dani Jones

Orientation to Color Mastery - Maria Peagler - This is the first chapter of her book Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts

Metallic Painting Effects - Vicki Welsh

Embellisher Cords - Sue Bleiweiss

Circle Stitching - Terri Stegmiller

How I Made my Design Wall and Fabric Storage Shelves - Kay Sorensen

Two Color Gradation with Fiber Reactive Dyes - Terri Stegmiller

Windows and Sketches Workpage - Sarah Ann Smith - Sarah shares the template for a design exercise: "One fun exercise is to give yourself 30 minutes (at most!) to fill the 12 small boxes on a page. Fill each square with a different “something” from around your house and garden; for a change of pace, take your sheet (or another one!) into town, walk in a park or look at the downtown buildings, and look for images that might make good quilting designs."
She also provides a filled-in example to show how she uses it
Stitched Pigma Pen Leaves - Natalya Aikens

Marval/Shiva Paintstiksk - Carol Clasper

How to Make Inchies - Carol Clasper

Printing with Leaves - Sarah Ann Smith - also explains how to preserve them with glycerin

Preserve Leaves for Winter Printing - Larissa Davis - Requires you to register

Emboss with Mistyfuse - Larissa Davis - Requires you to register

How to Make a Fabric Leaf - Judi Wellnitz

Goldwork: Basic Couching Techniques - Ruth O'Leary

Goldwork: Couching with Color and or Nué - Ruth O'Leary

Rod Pockets - Leni Wiener

Artists Shorthand - Water - Leni Wiener - how to depict water

Using Unexpected Fabrics - Leni Wiener

Taking Photos for Art Quilts - Leni Wiener

Building (seemingly) Complex Figures in Fabric - Leni Wiener
Light and Shadow - Leni Wiener

Depicting Light and Shadow - Leni Wiener

Three Tips for Better Composition - Leni Wiener

Quilt Carrier - Leni Wiener

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