Friday, December 10, 2010

The Amazing Leather Work of Winfred Rembert

 "Winfred uses a canvas of cured leather to tool memories from his life.
These 'snapshots' offer an unprecedented view into the true lives of
African Americans in the Deep South only fifty years ago. The themes
present in his work transcend age, racial, gender and religious differences.
Through Winfred's work, we are encouraged to persevere and find a blessing
- to find redeption in the suffering we each experience as human beings."
- from his website

Many textile artists use leather in their work - Winfred Rembert, however, uses this "textile" as his fabric to create stunning and masterful narratives. The detailed imagery in the slices of life that he gives us from his own memories and experiences are fascinating, riveting and incredibly moving.

Family Picking Cotton - Winfred Rembert

Chain Gang (All Me) - Winfred Rembert


The Indelible Images of Winfred Rembert - Folk Art Messenger Magazine

Call Him "Artist" - includes a slideshow with 10 images of his work

Adelson Galleries - Winfred Rembert - can view 44 images of his work

Winfred  Rembert at Work - 3:17 minute YouTube video

WFXL Interview of Winfred Remnbert - 6:03 minute YouTube video

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