Monday, December 13, 2010

Free Creativity Coaching Sample

Many of us are familiar with Quinnn McDonald as an artist and as one who has graciously shared tutorials, but did you know that she also is a certified creativity coach as well? Coaching sessions are phone based and are scheduled to fit when you have the time to be focused.

Quinn is offering a free 30-minute sample session and states that it is:

"Not a demonstration or a pitch, this 30-minute free coaching session starts with the issues that you want to be coached on. It's a real coaching session.

At the end [of the free session], we will decide on an appropriate challenge as 'homework.' You'll ask any questions you have on coaching. There is no pressure and I won't sign you up after the coaching sample. You'll have time to think it through if you want to start coaching"
To learn more and to schedule your free session:

Imagination Works - Quinn's free creativity newsletter that is e-mailed twice a month. To sign up for it:

Creativity Ariticles - written by Quinn and available through Creativity-Portal (scroll down):

QuinnCreative: Tips, Slips, Stumbles, and Leaps on the Creative Journal - Quinn's Blog:

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