Sunday, July 12, 2009

Textile Related Tutorials - Part 4

More tutorials made available through the generosity of textile artists

Needlepoint Lace Tutorial - This tutorial will show you how to create a small piece of needlepoint lace just using a needle and thread (mostly out of buttonhole stitches).

Introduction to Extreme Needle Felting

Faux Stone Effect on Fabric

Photo Transfer with Hand and Brush Cleaner - Beth Wheeler

Foiling Fabric with Bonding Powder

Foiling Fabric with Fusible webbing

Foil with Fusible Vilene

Guide to the Basics of Beading and Embellishment - Betty Blais

Using Adirondack Alcohol Inks on Fabric

A Primer on Gels, Mediums & Pastes - Jessica Rich & Barbara Strembicki

Working with Lazertran - Barbara Strembicki

Experiments with Lutradur - Barbara Strembicki

Image Transfer [rust dyeing] - Lois Jarvis

Mounted on Plexiglass – Lyric Kinard

Mounted on Mat Board – Lyric Kinard

Mounted on Gallery Wrapped Canvas – Lyric Kinard

Matted and Framed - Lyric Kinard

Mounted on Stretcher Bars – Lyric Kinard

Transfering Patterns to Fusible Fabric

Sashiko Tutorial – The Purl Bee

Bobbin Work Tutorial – 1: Cathy Breedyk Law

Bobbin Work Tutorial – 2: Cathy Breedyk Law

Bobbin Work Tutorial – 3: Ribbon - Cathy Breedyk Law

Free Motion Tutorial – 1: Cathy Breedyk Law

Free Motion Tutorial – 2: Cathy Breedyk Law

Free Motion Tutorial – 3 : Cathy Breedyk Law

Free Motion Tutorial – 4: Cathy Breedyk Law

Free Motion Tutorial – 5: Trapping Sequins Under a Sheer Fabric - Cathy Breedyk Law

How to do Free Motion Quilting on a Standard Sewing Machine – Kimbuktu

Fannie's Fabric Paper Tutorial – Fannie Narte

Tyvek and Lumiere Paint Melted Altered Art Technique - Allison Ray - Lots of pictures

Fiber Fusion Technique - Allison Ray

Tyvek Samples - Micki - Using Tyvek with stamps

Quilting by Tacking - Dena Crain

Quilting Backwards - Dena Crain

Fusible Patterns for Art Quilts - Dena Crain

Richard Box: From Drawing to Free Machine Embroidery – 9 minute YouTube video

Designing by Thread – Threads & Settings Part 1

Designing by Thread – Threads & Settings Part 2

Embellishmentality – Part 1

Embellishmentality – Part 2

Curved Checkerboard Tutorial - Linda Matthews

Making Beads from Tyvek - Carolyn Saxby
Part 1

Part 2


Clairan Ferrono said...

These are really great, Gwen! I'm reading several of them and hope to learn and use at least one of these techniques. Thanks for asembling them.

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nice links that you have in here... you can go out and try to read all of them if you want a thorough guide in creating them...

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