Friday, February 12, 2010

All You Need to Know to Screen Print Fabric

Michelle Saintonge breaks down the mechanics of screen printing into a series of easy to understand tutorials that advanced screen printers as well as those new to the process will find extremely useful.

Preparing Your Fabric for Printing or Dyeing *Big Tip Alert*

The Beginner’s Guide to Sounding Like a Screen Pro – Silkscreen printing terms

Can You Explain That Again? – More terms

Screen Print Table to Go - build a print table that is specifically made to print fabric

Printed Lace? It’s Easy and Quick. Here’s How

Squeegee Pressure. What’s Important to Know!

CMYK for Photorealistic Screen Printing - This guide will help you produce a four colour CMYK halftone separation of your image to capture the look of a photorealistic image.

A Full Size Guide to Printing Halftones - This is a guide to silkscreen printing of halftones and the correct mesh count for your dot size.

The How-to of Screen Coating - This how-to shows you step-by-step the proper way to coat your silkscreen frame.

Screen Printing 101
Part 1 – Getting Started - This tutorial is the first in a series of three turtorials that teach you everything you need to know about silkscreen printing whether it is on fabric, t-shirts or onto paper.

Part 2 – Creating the Stencil - This tutorial shows how you will expose and wash your newly made stencil on your silk screen frame.

Part 3 – The Good Stuff - This tutorial focuses on printing onto fabric and paper with a screen print frame.
Feeling Exposed? - Here’s a quick guide to exposure times for silkscreens whether you use a pro lamp, task lamp or the sun!

Building a Silkscreen Frame from Scratch - Make your Own Screen Print Frame for $10.00.

What is Screen Printing Registration?
Part 1 - Learning how to register your prints is a very important skill and helps you jump from craft hobbiest to serious printer.

Part 2 – How to make sure that each colour in your design exposes on the same location for each of your screens.

Part 3 – How to set up your fabric on your print table so you can print repeating patterns over and over again.
Wash and Learn! “Big Tip Alert” – Print colours not lining up? Troubleshooting bad registration.

Using Strippers and Banishing Ghosts

Quick and Easy! Build a Screen Print Frame From an Old Picture Frame

The Darker Side of Screen Printing – This tutorial will show you how to set up your dark room, or dark corner if that’s all you have

TLC for Your Silk Screen Frames

Rip Your Screen? Here’s How to Fix it Fast

A Mesh Count for Everything! Well, almost.


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