Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Not About You...It's About Them: What Motivates Bay Area Donors to Give to the Arts and Artists

Although this study focused on the San Francisco Bay Region,
its findings are probably applicable nationwide.

  1. Values shape people's charitable giving - Connecting to the values and interests of potential donors is essential to success in any fundraising effort and raising money for artists’ projects is no different.
  2. Donors to artists and small arts organizations differ from donors to larger arts institutions - in values as well as in their profiles
  3. Donors to artists’ projects are moved to give by four connection points - a personal relationship with the artist; a passion for the artform; an emotional or intellectual interest in the subject
    matter of the artwork; and an involvement with the culture or community touched by the project.

    Connecting with the donor on more than one of these points increases the likelihood of giving.
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