Monday, June 4, 2007


Following is a list of excellent articles about the critique process including: 1) how to form a critique group; 2) how to give critique; and 3) how to respond to critique:

The Creative Critique - Artist Contract for Workshop Participants – Steve Aimone

Start and Maintain a Critique Group – Susan Brandeis

Stimulating Discussion in a Critique – Helen Davis – a handout of trigger words

Giving Critique – A Check List for Critiquers – Henrik Lindberg

6 Techniques for Handling Criticism – by Gradiva Couzin

The Mannerly Art of Critique – by Peg Robinson – written from the perspective of critiquing writers, but valid for artists as well; just make appropriate substitutions; particularly focuses on giving and receiving critiques in discussion groups.

Toward a Process for Critical Response – Liz Lerman – This critique process was developed for dance, but it is equally valid for any art form. It provides a structure for discussion of the work in question in a useful and helpful manner.

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