Monday, June 18, 2007

Photographing Textile and Fiber Art

One of the major gripes of curators (ergo one of the major reasons competition submissions are rejected) is poor quality of slide and digital images. The subject of today’s blog posting is photography – specifically, how to photograph textile and fiber art. Five (5) articles are cited that provide detailed and extensive online tutorials as well as an offer from a quilt photographer for free online digital photography lessons. Another short article gives a “fix” for eliminating glare.

Photographing Fiber – Dawn Cusick – Sept/Oct ’01 issue Fiber Arts Magazine

Shoot That Quilt: Digital Photography for Textile Artists – Andy Baird and Holly Knott – detailed information, pictures and diagrams about lighting set-up, mounting the quilt, taking the picture (balance, camera aperture, bracketing, calibrating, etc.)

Creating Consistent and Better Quilt Images – Gregory Case – 4 pages of information

Photographing Quilts and Paintings – Gregory Case – 14 pages – addresses all aspects

How I Photograph Quilts – Jim Evans – detailed information with pictures and diagrams

Free Digital Photography Lessons – Jim Evans – you need to have either the PhotoShop or the PhotoShop Elements program – conducted twice a week in two-hour sessions for 4 weeks – lessons are conducted using your own photos.

How to Take a Picture WITHOUT Flash Glare! – Caitlin O’Connor


Caitlin O'Connor said...

Thanks for including my humble link - I'm learning a lot from the others you listed, too!

Gwen said...

Caitlin, the information you provided is clear, succinct and valuable. Thank You!