Friday, June 15, 2007

Gee's Bend Quilters - A National Treasure

Innumerable amounts of money have been and continue to be made off the art produced by the Gee’s Bend quilters . Now coming out into the light are details about how very little of it these national treasures have received.

An article published in the June 5, 2007 issue of the Press-Register announced the lawsuit filed by Annie Mae Young against Tinwood Ventures and others:

Gee’s Bend Quilters Claim Big Rip-Off

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Published in today's (June 15, 2007) Press Register, an extensive article gives more details:

Gee's Bend: A Fight for Rights

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For more information about the Gee’s Bend quilters:

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  • Pulitzer Prize-Winning Article (2000) about Mary Lee Bendolph by J. R. Moehringer of the Lost Angeles Times – August 22, 1999

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  • The Power of Color in the Art World – This is a book review of The Last Folk Hero: A True Story of Race and Art, Power and Profit by Andrew Dietz

  • YouTube videos:

    The Quilter’s of Gee’s Bend, Alabama Clip 1 – 1 ½-minute YouTube video – Quiltmaker Revil Mosely of Gee's Bend, Alabama, talks about how she got started quilting.

    The Quilter’s of Gee’s Bend, Alabama Clip 2 – 30 second-minute YouTube video – Loretta Pettway of Gee's Bend, Ala., talks about her community's internationally acclaimed quiltmaking.

    The Quilter’s of Gee’s Bend, Alabama Clip 3 – 40-second YouTube video - Louisiana Bendolph talks about how quiltmaking is inherited in the celebrated community of Gee's Bend

    The Quilter’s of Gee’s Bend, Alabama Clip 4 – 30-second YouTube video – Matriarch quiltmaker Mary Lee Bendolph explains how the women of Gee's Bend, Ala., never thought of their beautiful quilts as works of art.

    Year of Alabama Arts – Gee’s Bend Quilters – 30-second YouTube video – The beautiful quilts of Gee's Bend, Ala., speak a language all their own. To learn more about these incredible women and Alabama's many other creative talents.
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