Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shifting Gears: Trust the Spiral - Edward Winkleman

Chart of an Artist's Journey - Edward Winkleman

Edward Winkleman uses this diagram as a metaphor to explain how most artists' journeys and interests would look if charted - it would not be as a straight line, but as a sprial indidcating how artists "...[return] to the same ideas again and again, only with more insight/experience than the last [previous] time."
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Edward Winkleman is an arts dealer who blogs about art and politics, including many issues of particular concern to artists. A few posts from the past couple of months include:

By What Measures is a Picture "Considered Good"?

Invitation Greening Pros and Cons about a trend of galleries replacing post card exhibition announcements with email and the ramifications this has for artists

The End of an Artist-Gallery Relationship, from Both Sides

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