Thursday, July 3, 2008

Recap - In case you missed it…

Following are links to some of the topics posted this past year (June 2007 - June 2008) that you may have missed or want to revisit:

A Visual Artist’s Guide to Estate Planning - This free 183 page document (+17 additional appendices) is the outcome of a joint conference ("On the Needs of Visual Artists: A Roundtable 2001") by the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation and the Julia Rothschild Foundation

Acrylics & Gels – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know – a list of resources including a 122-page free e-book giving great information about acrylic paints and gels and how to use them.

All About: Bobbins and Threads

All About: Machine Needlefelting

All About: Needles

All About: Sewing Machines

All About: Textiles

All About: Texturizing Fabrics

All About: Tyvek

Art and Politics – in this 24-minute vidcast, Anne Deavere Smith discusses the role of artists in a world wracked by war

Art Biz Connection – This is a free program designed by Alyson B. Stanfield (an art business coach) to help artists develop and complete art marketing plans.

Art in Architecture and Art in Embassies Programs

Art v Craft – Bruce DeBoer

Art Vandals

Artist as Teacher: A Guide for Artists Working in Schools - “The purpose of this guide [a 70-page free e-book] is to help…artists understand, survive, and enjoy success in the role of Artist, as teacher [in the classroom].”

Artist Residencies - list of resources

Artists in the Workforce 1990 – 2005 – This publication by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is a look at the demographic and employment patterns of artists nationwide in the 21st century

Artists Rights Society - is a rights licensing organization that acts “…on behalf of our members to streamline the process for reviewing and approving or rejecting requests for reproduction.”

Arts Policies of U.S. Presidential Candidates

Broken Crayons – Robert Alan Black - This free e-book examines 32 traits identified as being characteristic of creative people.

Commissions – Private and Public Art – A wealth of information is provided

Craft Versus Art – Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer


Emergency Assistance for Artists - a listing of foundations and organizations whose primary mission is to provide emergency financial and other assistance to artists in dire need.

Fundraising Advice for Individuals – Alyson Pou

Getting Discouraged – Nancy Doyle – Part 1 of 4

Getting Discouraged – Nancy Doyle – Part 2 of 4

Getting Discouraged – Nancy Doyle – Part 3 of 4

Getting Discouraged – Nancy Doyle – Part 4 of 4

Glossary of Grants Lingo – Bari Caton - This is an 8-page glossary that “…contains many of the terms encountered by individual artists involved in searching for grants and applying for external financial support.

Grant/Fellowship Application Review Process

Guide to Exhibition Applications – additional insight into the selection process

Health & Safety in the Arts: Textiles & Other Arts

How NOT to Display your Artwork on the Web – Charley Parker

How to Preserve Newspaper/Magazine Clippings

I’m Going to be Filmed, Recorded or Televised – What do I do Now?

Investing in Creativity: A Study of the Support Structure for U.S. Artists - This is a 107-page free e-book from the Culture, Creativity, and Communities (CCC) Program of the Urban Institute.

Is it Art? Is it Craft? – Charles Lewton Brain

Just for Fun: Art Student's Journey Game

Just for Fun: Create Your Own Virtual Mudcloth

Just for Fun: Han Hoffman Push & Pull Technique

Just for Fun: Paint Like Jackson Pollock

Just for Fun: Patchworkz - game

Just for Fun: Textile Related Oddities & Absurdities

Just for Fun: Textile Related Oddities and Absurdities – Part 2

Just for Fun: Textile Related Oddities and Absurdities – Part 3

Marketing Crafts and Visual Arts: The Role of Intellectual Property – A Practical Guide – This is a 150 page free e-book

Message from Exhibition Organizers to Artists – Keisha Roberts

More About Copyright: Art and Law - Additional resources for visual artists about copyright and its protections.

More on Health & Safety in the Arts

“On Burning Bridges” – Matthew Deleget - a letter of rejection the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) received back from an applicant to the Artists’ Fellowship Program is discussed.

On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving, Lace and Related Topics - Maintained by the University of Arizona, this archive contains an extraordinary amount of materials about weaving, basketry, lace, and related subjects. Free access is provided to thousands of items, all out of copyright or published with the author’s permission. These include 4,222 articles, 437 books, 1,310 periodicals.

Overview of Feminist Legal Theory [Textile Related] – Ann Barlow

Photographing Textile and Fiber Art - Five (5) articles are cited that provide detailed and extensive online tutorials as well as an offer from a quilt photographer for free online digital photography lessons. Another short article gives a “fix” for eliminating glare.

Professional Guidelines for Artists – This is an extensive set of guidelines developed by the Society of North American Goldsmiths that cover a wide variety of topics and address situations common to all art professionals.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – YOUR NAME

Putting Rejection in Perspective – Barbara Macey


Regional Arts Councils

Salvaging Textiles after Water and Fire Disasters


So What about Copyright? What Artists Need to Know About Copyright and Trademarks: For Filmmakers, Visual Artists and Writers - This 116 page free e-book addresses the needs of artists and is written in plain and understandable English. It includes a series of essays on the basics of copyright, trademark, fair use, public domain and has chapters written specifically for visual artists, writers and filmmakers.

State Arts Councils – This is an alphabetized list of Councils with links to the website, newsletter, and grant guidelines for each.

Studio & Ventilation Ideas – Susan Louise Moyer - The information is detailed and accompanied by pictures.

Symbols – a list of online resources

Talking Prices: Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art – Olav Velthuis

Tax Guide for Visual Artists - Updated in 2006, this tax guide for visual artists is made available by Peter Jason Riley, CPA (senior partner of the CPA Firm of Riley & Associates, PC).

Textile Museums - listing

Textile Related Publications 1846 – 1921

Textile Related Tutorials

The Power of Art - Simon Schama - video excerpts from the PBS series

Time Management for Creative People – Mark MacGuiness – This 32-page free e-book is subtitled, “Manage the mundane – create the extraordinary”.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) - This organization "... delivers pro bono and low cost legal services and information to members of the arts community each year. Access to VLA’s pro bono legal services is available to low-income artists and nonprofit arts organizations, but many other programs are more widely available to the entire arts community.”

What does “mastery” mean to you?

Workshop and Lecture Contracts

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