Monday, June 14, 2010

Quotable Quotes

"Women who strive to be equal to men
apparently have little to no ambition."
Edna (a.k.a. Anonymous Female Artist and Militant Art Bitch)

"Anytime a woman picks up a paintbrush,
it is indeed a feminist act, and by this fact alone,
every piece of art made by a woman is revolutionary."
Edna (a.k.a. Anonymous Female Artist and Militant Art Bitch)

"Think outside the box, collapse the box,
and take a f____g sharp knife to it."

"Art is not a mirror held up to reality,
but a hammer with which to shape it."
Bertolt Brecht

"Artwork that is only about wanting to be famous
will never make you famous. Any fame is a by-product
of making something that means something.
You don't go to a restaurant and order a meal
because you want to have a shit."

"Some of the greatest works of art and the
most important works of peace were created by people
who had no need for the limelight. They knew that
what they were doing was their call, and they did it
with great patience, perseverance, and love."
Henri Nouwen

"Fame and significance have nothing to do with one another"
Dennis Prager

"What is fame? The advantage of being known
by people of whom you yourself know nothing,
and for whom you care as little."
Lord Byron

"Accept that some days you’re the pigeon,
and some days you’re the statue."
Roger C. Anderson

"Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow
if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable
when you try something new."
Brian Tracy

"The creation of art is not the fulfillment of a need
but the creation of a need. The world never needed
Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony until he created it.
Now we could not live without it."
Louis Kahn

"When I stand before God at the end of my life
I would hope that I have not a single bit of talent left
and could say, "I used everything You gave me."
Erma Bombeck


Connie Rose said...

Gwen, the first link in your calls for entry list is broken. Thanks for those great quotes today!

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Connie, Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. I've checked and apparently Michele Verbeeck is no longer providing access to Art Call information. Will remove it immediately and look for other resources to replace it.


Rhonda said...

Love the quotes especially the one about stepping out of my comfort zone!

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Hi Rhonda. Yes, that's a good quote. Me, I'm particularly partial to two of the quotes - the one about women who strive to be equal to men, and also the one about being a pigeon or a statue; those "statue" days can really suck (grin).

Anonymous said...

Delightful quotes, I especially enjoyed the first and last ones for their charm, but the others for the hearty laughter.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Kimberly, The quotes do range from the sublime to the hilarious. Glad you enjoyed them.


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