Friday, June 18, 2010

Textile Designer: Lois Mailou Jones

Although primarily known as a painter, Louis Mailou Jones
began her textile design career as a freelancer in 1927 with
the F.A. Foster Company in Boston, and for the Schumacher Company in New York

However, in the Summer of 1928, she moved to Paris after experiencing
continuous discrimination including being told by a decorator,
"How could you have designed that? You're a colored girl."

On Jones' career move from textile design to painting:
"I wanted my name to go down in history.
For this to happen, I realized that I would have to become a painter."
NOTE: Because textile designers were anonymous

                                Lois Mailou Jones Textile Designs for Cretonne fabric

An Interview with Lois Mailou Jones - Charles H. Rowell for Callaloo

Loïs Mailou Jones textile design - Brooks Robards

Louis Mailou Jones
Timeline - Begins career as a freelance textile designer for F.A. Foster Company, Boston and Schumacher Company, New York.
School of the Museum of Fine Arts Hosts Lois Mailou Jones

Jury Duty and Lois Mailou Jones - click to view the slide show full size

The Life and Legacy of Lois Mailou Jones - Reprint from Howard Magazine, Winter 1999

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