Monday, June 7, 2010

Strange but True

Tidbits of "out of the ordinary" happenings
involving quilts & Very Unusual Fabrics

Plummeting Quilt Paralyzes Man 
In China, a man has been left paralyzed by a quilt which fell on him from a four-story building:
China Hospital Fire

In Beijing, a 43 year old patient saved himself and his wife from a hospital fire in which 39 people died by tying a quilt to a heating pipe and climbing down from his 3rd floor room. Unfortunately, his wife lost her grip and fell from the second floor level, seriously injuring herself.
Chinese Woman Survives Fall from 18th Floor
She fell while airing out a quilt
Killer Wins Pounds 1400 For Warder Bite; Prison payout over bus clash
Fight was over a quilt
Quilts are Hot and Vanishing Fast
Quilts now have the cachet of fine art or antique jewellery, and discerning thieves know it. 
Inmates Master Quilting while Serving Time
These male quilters are killers, thieves, sex offenders.
12 Unexpected, Surprising, and Downright Weird Eco Fabrics Used in Fashion
"Organic cotton, wool, and bamboo are familiar enough to anyone who's only casually acquainted with eco-friendly fabrics. Ingeo, made from corn, doesn't require a huge leap of the imagination, either. But chicken feathers? Used fishing nets? Milk? Cigarette butts? There are some offbeat sustainable materials shimmying down the runways these days, and we're betting we've only just scratched the surface."


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't come over for a visit in a while. I read your feature on Subversive Stitchers blog and loved it!!!

How did you find all this interesting news?

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Kimberly, guess I'm just "nosy" - grin. I'm willing to follow a series of links if they are of any interest to me whether or not they have anything to do with what I might obstensibly be looking for. Most of this stuff I just come across by happenstance. Its fun!