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Textile Related Tutorials - Part 8

Textile and other Artists continue to share their knowledge and expertise:

Working with Copper Sheet in Arts and Crafts [including fiber] - Belinda Spiwak

Fiber Bowls - Misty - This tutorial shows how to create fiber bowls from unspun fiber thread.

Handbook of Textile Design: Principles, Processes and Practice - Jacquie Wilson - "...there has been a need for some sort of text that covered the textile design process from initial ideas through briefing, research and design development, to finished fabrics being sold to garment designers and to retail. What follows is an attempt to provide such a text. This book is based on my experiences as a textile designer in industry..."

Tesselation Nation - Raymond Huston has begun a blog, Tesselation Nation - that is solely devoted to cataloging patterns that have been generated from a single tile. His focus now is to only create quilts designed by using this one tile - its amazing! Check it out to see how he does it.

Tesselation Tutorial - Kay Sorensen
Supply List
          Fabric Choices

Lesson 1
          Lesson 2

          Lesson 3

Marbling Fabric the Easy Way - Kay Sorensen

Creative Cloth Dyeing: Scraping, Blending and Silk Screening - Leslie Morgan - 22+ minute video

Rescuing Ugly Fabric - Judi Hurwitt

Tsukineko Inks with Ink Potion No. 9 Tutorial - Judy Coates Perez

Mixing Rit Dye - Judy Coates Perez - Judy provides dye recipes for a yummy variety of colors

Sewing Metal - Judy Coates Perez - this is a 2:48 minute video

How to Make Lace Knitting Charts

Playing with Teabags and More - Judy Coates Perez

The Artful Use of Teabags - Judy Coates Perez

Acrylic Varnish and Mica Powder Backgrounds - Susan Chong

Resin Knitting Needles - These are absolutely, stunningly gorgerous! - instructions are about half-way down the page

How to Design Your Own [Knitted] Embossed Wash/Dish Cloth - I don't anticipate much interest in knitting wash cloths, but the technique is something art knitters might find appealing.

Tortured Felt (with some molded UTEE tossed in) - Susan Chong

Four Mixed Media Art Techniques – Cloth, Paper & Scissors ebook – Note: you must register to access

Studio Redesign Tips – Cloth, Paper & Scissors ebook – Note: you must register to access

Fun with the Flower Stitch Foot - Linda Matthews

How to Stitch Freestyle Woven Bars - Sharon B

Taking and Editing Photos for the Internet - Vicki Welsch

Charting Charts: A New Way to Keep Track of Knitting

How to Make Your Own Stitch (knitting) Markers

Liquid Starch Recipe Updated - Vicki Welsch

How to Center a Quilt Back on the Long Arm - Vicki Welsch

Make a Yarn Winder from Tinker Toys

How to Stitch a Not-Too-Crappy Feathered Wreath - Vicki Welsch

Sewing with a Twin Needle - Vicki Welsch

Basting with Mistyfuse - Vicki Welsch

Making Felt Using Yarn and a Layer of Tulle - Linda Matthews

Thread Reference Guides for Superior Threads  

Texture Magic Tutorial - Superior Threads 3-part video series
Part 1 – 10 minutes
Part 2 – 9:35 minutes
Part 3 – 9 minutes
Thread Therapy Series - 5-part video series by Bob Purcell (Dr. Bob), President & Chief Threadologist of Superior Threads
Chapter 1: Metallics – 6 minute video - “Dr. Bob teaches everything you need to know about metallic thread.”
Chapter 2: Cotton Thread vs. Polyester Thread – 6 minute video
Chapter 3: Types of Polyester – 6 minute video - “In Chapter 3, Dr. Bob discusses types of polyester thread. He explains how spun poly, multi-filament poly and trilobal poly threads are produced and the characteristics of each type.”
Chapter 4: The Magic Needle – 5 minute video - “In Chapter 4, Dr. Bob discusses the importance of using not only a good needle, but the right needle. With so many options available, which needle should you choose for your project? Dr. Bob answers this and many more questions in "The Magic Needle."” 
Chapter 5: Tension – 8 minute video – “Dr. Bob...discusses the importance of having proper Tension settings when sewing/quilting.”
Fusing Plastic Bags - the eclipse way

Use Markal Paintstiks to Create Rich Surfaces for Embroidery - Ruth Issett

Demo! Flour Paste Batik - Bridget Benton

Artists' Shorthand: Water - Leni Wiener

Making Sense of Stabilizers - Threads Magazine

Which Machine Embroidery Stabilizer to Use

Selecting the Right Stabilizer - Lydia Morgan

How to Make Your Own Stamps - Judi Hurwitt
''Stitching on Paper - Trish Goodfield

How to Quilt a Face - Virginia Greaves

Facings: An Alternative to Traditional Bindings - K Grace Howes

12 New Quilt Binding and Finishing Methods for Your Art Quilts - Larissa Davis for Quilting Arts magazine

More Tips for Designing Your Own Fabric Line - Larissa Davis for Quilting Arts magazine

Jill Kennedy's Instructions for Making Embellishments - Larissa Davis for Quilting Arts magazine

How to Create a Zentangle - Larissa Davis for Quilting Arts magazine

Felted Wool Dryer Balls - Judy Coates Perez

How to Make a Tutorial - Misty - Step-by-step guidance on how to create an effective tutorial

How to Embellish Photos with Embroidery - Lisa

How to Spin Hemp Roving

Fabric Flowers 101 - Pat Bravo

How to Make DuhBe Fabric Roses

Spring Cleaning for Your Sewing Machine

Fabric Preparation - Aligning Your Fabric's Grain - BurdaStyle

Burned Fabric Flowers - BurdaStyle

How to Create a Fabric Design (Without Using Photoshop or Illustrator) – 2:45 minute YouTube video - Spoonflower

Fabric Paper Tape – Annekata

Fabric Painting with Gutta Outline - yanghaiying - 3-4 minute YouTube videos
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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