Monday, October 4, 2010

The Coiled Art of Carol Eckert

"Kingdom of the Birds" by Carol Eckert

Carol Eckert has taken the medium of basketry to a new level by using a signature "stitch" and universal symbols to illustrate legends, parables and creation stories by using the technique of coiling. Although she describes this technique as "simple" and only requiring the use of a threaded needle (to wrap copper wire with DMC cotton embroidery floss) her work is very sophisticated and complex. Through it she tells stories using a variety of forms such as staffs, shrines, wall art and books (as well as the occasional "basket" as she defines it).

DETAIL - "The Raven Addresses the Animals" by Carol Eckert

Smithsonian Archives of American Art Interview - An 2007 interview of Carol by Jo Laurie for the Smithsonian's Craft and Decorative Arts in America documentation project can be read online:

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Jane Sauer Gallery

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